Govt likely to jack up petrol price by Rs9 before Eid: report

The government is likely to increase the prices of petroleum products by as much as Rs12 per litre from June 1st.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) will forward its summary proposing new rates on May 30 while the new prices will take effect from June 1 after approval by the prime minister, sources told a private media outlet on Tuesday.

The price of petrol may be increased by Rs9.50 while high-speed diesel (HSD) may go up by Rs11.5. Similarly, the price for light diesel oil (LDO) is likely to increase by Rs7.85 while kerosene may see a rise of Rs12 per litre.

The impact of rupee depreciation against the dollar is said to be incorporated in HSD and petrol prices, while the remaining increases would be made due to the rise in crude oil rates.

Earlier this month, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government dropped its first ‘petrol bomb’ on masses, increasing prices of petroleum products by up to nearly 10pc.

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  1. This goverment is going to rip the people apart. These bastards are not effected by this bullshit so they don’t care. They just want to make the most of it till they hold office. They all are the fucking same. Corrupt sons of bitches. Atleast the last govt gave relief in these things. Petrol prices were low, development was being done, taxes were controlled. Now an average middle class person cannot earn enough to save some. There are no jobs, you have unemployment and all the government wants to do is increase prices of petrol, electricity, water, food, housing, transport. The basic necessities are being pushed up and up. Petrol is going to reach almost double it’s price since IK took office and they are fucking happy about it. Bloody asshole motherfuckers.

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