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Car dealers to go on strike over exorbitant import duties

Car dealers to go on strike over exorbitant import duties

The car dealers of Lahore are mulling to hold a strike on The Mall if both the provincial and federal governments fail to address their concerns, a private media outlet reported on Saturday.

According to the Lahore Car Dealers Federation, the government has not been serious in solving the dealers’ concerns, which is “evident from the prevalent import and taxation policies”.

The car dealers asserted that the local auto industry could suffer a great deal if proper remedial measures with regard to exorbitant import duties are not taken, adding that a further fall in demand would also discourage the new auto players in the industry.

“The automobile sector is heading towards a disaster. Around 35pc of car showrooms have closed down owing to diminishing business opportunities for car dealers,” the federation stated.

A protest took place a few months ago where the car dealers demanded a resolution of their problems. The industries minister had ensured that their demands would be met, but nothing was done in this regard.

The issues at that time were related to the Punjab Revenue Authority and the Excise and Taxation Department.

The car dealers decried that the minister had also assured them of complete representation in front of the Federal Board of Revenue, but “he failed to do that as well”.


  1. I have sympathy with the dealerships, traders, assemblers, VAS, of car, motor cycle, van, group of dealers who are struggling to survive the Federal Authorities for custom duties, and Federal authorities in Pakistan. To tell honestly what ever was past, it was all halla gulla. Any sane person in his senses would never allow the trade of money laundering, Import Permits in the name of workers working in the Gulf states send the Gift undertaking to mother, wife or family member, which was sold to a dealer who whould transfer funds and car would be shipped in car carrier for a very high rate of freight, and insurance and yet some thing is always stolen.
    i suggest the dealerships should form a car assemblers consortium a limited liability group with shares , which can be made on line on the internet from SECP.
    This will start research and negotiation for assembly of EV rickshaw, car, motor cycle assembly for the EV with the Nickel Metal Hydrite. battery.
    The car will be assembled locally and will be very cheap. As there is no duty. You may try your luck and I will help you be an assembler without any plot. regards, Haroon Rashid
    Assistance, advisory available for tax relief on imports of SKD Cars, Motor Cycle from Europe, China for local assembly on a smaller scale. Quality assurance, market access, tax relief on battery operated transpot will be provided by the government.


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