Pakistan’s exports to China will increase after new FTA: Dawood


BEIJING: Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood has said that Pakistan aims to expand its export portfolio with China well beyond its traditional products.

In an interview with the China Economic Net, the adviser said Chinese government had provided Pakistan with an opportunity to export more than just textile, leather and agricultural products and now the country would export chemicals and engineering goods as well.

The advisor further said, “It will be a multi facet agreement and we look forward very much to its implementation”. He was hopeful that Pakistan’s exports to China would increase significantly after the implementation of the new Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Terming it a multi-faceted agreement, he looked forward to its swift implementation.

As per statistics, the 313 product lines, waived from tariffs under the agreement, would cover exports worth nearly $2 billion of Pakistani goods to China each year.

The advisor admitted that Pakistani companies need to work on improving their marketing, as no effort is done on international marketing. “Pakistan still [has] a long way to go to improve its image, to do better marketing. We’re not very good at international marketing and this stems from the fact that in domestic marketing, demand has always been greater than supply.”


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