Mastercard Pakistan hires a new country manager

Atyab Tahir, Head of Digital at Habib Bank Ltd, moves over to one of the world’s leading technology companies in the digital payments space

KARACHI: Profit has found out that Atyab Tahir, who has been doing some good work at Habib Bank Limited (HBL), will be moving to Mastercard which duels with Visa and Paypal for leadership in as a technology player in the global payments space.

Banks in Pakistan have been digitizing their channels and embarking on digitization initiatives that look at everything from improving costs and processes internally to mapping customer journeys and ensuring a better experience at each customer’s touchpoint.

Atyab helped bring method to HBL’s digital journey by introducing open API, data-driven marketing, and conversational banking. With him helming digital, HBL also became prominent in the startup and Fintech ecosystem, which is a key partner in innovation for banks worldwide.

HBL insiders say perhaps the hardest and most valuable thing Atyab did at HBL was help create a culture of digital-first at HBL. Digital initiatives, digital payments and using digital to optimize the retail business are now mainstream conversations inside the bank. The bank’s president has gone on record to say HBL is a technology company with a banking license.

Mastercard has been busy globally acquiring companies in an attempt to shift its focus from payments processing to advisory, analytics and those transaction types like business to business which avoid its strong cards offering.

It is expected that advisory on payment platforms and optimizing of payments nationally with key players will figure prominently on Atyab’s agenda in his new role. Atyab’s exposure to financial inclusion and mobile payments probably played a part in the decision to hire him and we can expect Mastercard to lead efforts in cashless transactions and financial inclusion via digital payments in the country.

There is no word yet from HBL on Atyab’s replacement.

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