Getz Pharma denies report about acquisition of Mitchell’s Fruit Farms


We have received a written clarification by the spokesperson of Getz Pharma and is being published here for the information of our readers: “Reference is made to the article written by Hassan Naqvi published by Pakistan Today dated January 6, 2020 titled ‘Getz Pharma finalizes deal to acquire Mitchell’s Fruit Farms’. It is clarified that the subject article is misleading and factually incorrect. Getz Pharma has not placed, nor does it intend to place, any bids or offers for the acquisition of Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited. The following statement contained in the subject article “the acquisition deal is already locked between the two companies while necessary documents in this regard would be signed soon” is factually and substantially false. It is further confirmed that Bioexyte Food (Private) Limited is not a subsidiary of Getz Pharma. No official of Getz Pharma has spoken with or confirmed any news on the subject matter with Pakistan Today, or any other electronic or print media forum.”

Editor’s note: Profit stands by its story.



    • At least read the full story before commenting. it says that the original story was correct and this rebuttal is just for face-saving now.

  1. Didn’t you read this: “Editor’s note: Profit stands by its story.” Seems Haroon Ahmed is drunk and not the editor


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