KARACHI: The government of Sindh on Tuesday decided to impose a new tax on the use of water in the province.

A draft of law comprising recommendations for the proposed tax has been prepared and the officials of local government department will brief the members of the provincial cabinet over the upcoming Sindh Water Tax Act in a meeting.

The draft of the law suggests Rs1 per litre tax on water, sources said. The tax will be recovered from the mineral water companies, according to sources.

Proposed tax will also be recovered from the soft drinks manufacturing companies, sources said.

The revenue generated by the proposed tax will be distributed among the Karachi Water Board and the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), sources added.


  1. The idea of taxation on water resources seems logical. The only way Sindh province will generate resources as water given to parks, plants, sewerage leaks, water flush tanks, huge lawns, parks, trees, all water. Water should essentially be metered digitally. It was demonstrated from Cairo where mobile, or telecom fiber cable will obtain data, and raise the bill for minimum usage.


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