Nepra seeks explanation from K-Electric over increased load shedding, electricity bills

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Wednesday directed K-Electric to submit a detailed report regarding unannounced load-shedding in Karachi while taking additional notice of consumers receiving inflated electricity bills.

“Strict directions have been given to K-Electric to take remedial measures and submit a detailed report to Nepra immediately,” read a statement issued by Nepra.

According to local media reports, the electric regulatory authority further said that consumers receiving inflated electricity bills can file complaints at its regional office in Karachi.

According to reports, electricity shortage has become a cause of water shortage in the provincial capital, causing increased difficulty to people already enduring high summer temperatures.

On the other hand, K-Electric has blamed the current fuel shortage in the country that it claims has reduced its generation capacity. The power company further claimed that areas with increased incidence of electricity theft are currently experiencing more load shedding compared to other areas.

Earlier on June 19, the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCOE) had approved proposals relating to the supply of additional power to Karachi Electric from the national grid and had directed that the technical details should be finalised between the concerned parties by August 15.

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  1. I’m grateful to Porift.Pakistantoday on the most important/essential issues NEPRA, CCP, IEA, KMC, Climate Change, Environment, Street Lighting, Renewable Energy Solar/Wind, etc., One of the highest cost of IPP in the region is KE. Un-touched, by all regulatory authorities in Pakistan for compliance. If a consumer has to switch to Renewable as Solar the KE tariff for buying tariff is astronomical. The cost of Net Metering installation, purchase tariff from consumer to KE is the highest in Pakistan.
    How dare NEPRA didn’t take notice on the NET Metering in Karachi. The most important factor is KE has to open up to various options from consumer to Renewables.
    Street Light maintained by KMC is stopped. Now KE Poles are full of PTCL, ISP, cables for TV, Internet connections. The KMC does not maintain street light. The city is dark. The consumer pay full taxes for every thing. Residents, commercial complexes pay from their pockets for the light fixtures, lamps. The KE poles should be auctioned for Solar Charging Stations in all Karachi. Provide elecltricity to the grid, Automobile Charging, Street Light.
    KE’s compliance for Covid-19, NEPRA, The CCP, Climate Change, Environment, Renewable Energy, Street Light maintenance with LED, PV/Solar panel to supply re-charge metering to autos., for Li-Ion battery for cars, buses, motor cycles will be imported but the infrustucuture. New licenses be issued to national, international Grid companies against KE to revive the infrastructure of KE for better tariff, service and investment in Karachi.
    KE cartelisation should be investigated, with high tariffs, to fleece the consumer. Essentially please consider the Honorable CCP to play its important role.

    As major developments are taking place with EV Mobility, transport, car, truck, buses with operation from charging from the utility from Electric Pole which will be a base of revenue to KE from investor in the charging infructure of Pole, Light, and chargig for cars, motor cycle, truck which comparable is much cheaper than any fossil fuel petrol, diesel. The transport will be no smoke, no noise, no engine. The technology is ready only the CCP should support to issue license on merits other than KE.

    for Karachi which KMC took its hand Off. The KE maintained, install entire Karachi street lights. For about some years possiibly 5 years or more streets are dark, with no replacement/maintenance.
    should essentially read the article being self explanatory by itself.
    During Covid-19 KE is totally non compliant for NEPRA, The Competition Commission Pakistan, The International Energy Agency compliance. In view of Climate Change/Environmental issues transport/Mobility has taken a major change to EV (Electric Vehicle)which is with a high potency charging battery for fast charge, longer life.

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