Attack on PSX thwarted, all four terrorists killed: Rangers

Trading was not halted and continued smoothly, responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) on Twitter


KARACHI: Sindh Rangers said all four terrorists have been killed in an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday morning resulting in the martyrdom of four security guards including a police constable.

According to media reports, four terrorists fired a grenade at the main gate of the premises at around 10 AM and then broke into indiscriminate firing as they entered the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), which is located near the Capital Police Office in Karachi.

As per initial reports, three terrorists had been killed while one terrorist was said to be active and later killed during the operation.

Police and Rangers arrived on the site of the attack, surrounded, and cordoned off the area which was then immediately closed for traffic.

The attackers were said to be equipped with AK47 riffles and were carrying grenades.

Also, trading was not halted and functioned smoothly as the attack unfolded.

While speaking to media personnel, PSX spokesman said no terrorist was able to enter the PSX and all were killed outside its premises.

As per tweets on Twitter by @Natsecjeff, terrorists belonging to the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) took responsibility for the attack.

The Majeed Brigade, of the organization, which consists of suicide bombers undertook the responsibility for the attack.

The militant organization is known to have targeted Chinese interests in the past, bearing in mind the Chinese interest in the PSX.

While speaking to a news channel, Managing Director PSX Farukh Khan said, “Unfortunate incident. Our security arrangements and planning were effective.

They were intercepted at the gate and were not allowed to enter the compound until the police reinforcements got there. This was a serious and unfortunate attack. There is not an exact number but there are two main areas.”

“Due to COVID-19, there was remote working. There was staff but less. On normal days, 6000 people are in the compound. Due to remote working, the number of people at the exchange was less. Early interception saved us from a major loss,” he added.

“I appreciate the police, rangers and agencies before the situation worsened. One terrorist entered some steps inside the premises before he was shot down.

As per my sources, the terrorists were not able to enter the hall or adjoining areas,” he shared.

“The footage being shared of blood within the building is of an injured guard. The terrorists were not able to enter the building. Trading did not stop for a minute and is ongoing,” said Mr Khan.

Furthermore, he denied any news of a threat. He says that such threats are recurrent.

And the PSX is an economic symbol for Pakistan that is why security was strengthened. We often take advice from security agencies and authorities, he told.

“As per my knowledge, one guard has been martyred and one is injured. Previously, three terrorists had been killed while one terrorist was said to be active inside the premises,” said Mr Khan.

An anonymous source at the PSX told Profit, “This is not the bloodbath we want to see at the PSX. The administration received threats approximately six months ago. They increased the security, asked for additional support from Sindh Rangers.

However, as time went on, I am assuming the security got lighter and the security may have stepped down a notch. This attack may have something to do with that.”

“Usually, an upward of 2000 people are at the PSX on any given day, however, due to COVID 19, a significant number of PSX employees are working from home,” the source explained.

The PSX, however, issued a statement, “There was an attack on the PSX compound earlier today. The situation is still unfolding and management, with the help of security forces, is managing the security and controlling the situation.

We will issue a more detailed statement in due course once the situation is under control and more details are known.

For now, firing has stopped, and reinforcements are in place.”