‘CPEC on track, but Pakistan needs to employ Chinese experts’

ISLAMABAD: Outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Amb Yao Jing, has said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be better served if Pakistan appointed officials who are experts on the functioning of Chinese government and its market.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan Today and Profit, the ambassador said that on his exit from the country, he was happy at the progress that had been made between the two countries, and that CPEC was on the right track.

The ambassador said that he did not feel that there was any challenge to the progress of CPEC and considered it to be proceeding in a timely fashion. There were only ways to make it better and stronger. One of his chief suggestions was the appointment of experts that knew the workings of the Chinese government, and markets closely and could advice Pakistan on how to navigate these mechanisms.

“CPEC is now well connected, much to the satisfaction of both sides,” he said. “The biggest concern if there is one is that Pakistani officials lack expertise on not just how the Chinese government works, but also how Chinese companies operate.”

“In China, for example, we have some experts that advise us on Pakistan’s functioning model. But there is a lot more to be done for Pakistani authorities to learn the functioning of Chinese markets and government,” he added.

Mega projects under CPEC

Pointing towards ML-I, the Mainline-1 railway project under CPEC) worth $6.8 billion,  Ambassador Jing said China and Pakistan have made strides when it comes to mega projects which will become beneficial to both countries soon.

“ML-I is the biggest of our mega projects. We were stuck for a while on this, but now we have made a breakthrough on it and we are moving on to the commercial part. Although the commercial loan issue remains yet to be settled, but it is in the process of being finalised between the two governments,” he said.

“Hydropower stations are another example of some of the mega projects under CPEC,” he said. “We are currently working on two different hydropower projects, and even more are coming. Then of course there are other infrastructure projects like  Motorway (M-6) and some highways construction in Balochistan, and expansion of the Karakoram Highway.”

Threats to CPEC

Pointing towards external enemies that may want to harm CPEC, the ambassador admitted that security had been one of the chief topics under discussion during a recent visit that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, made to Beijing.

“There are some externally-supported elements who are working against the China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). There have also been some terrorist attacks recently. Such elements are a major security threat to Chinese companies working in Pakistan,” said the ambassador. “However we are very grateful that the Pakistani government has adopted very comprehensive security plans for CPEC and the Chinese companies working on these projects.”

“The Strategic Security Division (SSD) has been established and just last year, they opened a new division called Southern Division. We are going to collaborate with law reinforcement department, basically Ministry of Interior and the Police Department”.

Ambassador Jing went on to reveal that China and Pakistan were planning on having more local base stations. This would allow for a greater exchange of experience and collaboration, which would result in the increased capacity building of these forces tasked to secure CPEC projects.

“We are also having some kind of police related capacities in different provinces, as well as jointly monitoring external elements who are detrimental to CPEC. We are also having intelligence cooperation between Pakistan and China”.

Asked whether China and Pakistan were also implementing an intelligence cooperation to counter such nefarious designs against the CPEC projects, Amb Yao Jing said that intelligence corporation is already operational.

Industrial cooperation

Ambassador Yao Jing says that Special Economic Zones (SeZs) were a major part of the industrial cooperation between the two countries, and Rashakai SeZ would be the first success story in this regard.

“Under the industrial cooperation, we identified four areas including the SeZs. For which, we have identified special areas. Initially we could not make progress on SeZs due to involvement of various tiers of the federal and provincial authorities. We needed to have special areas with special tax holiday and other incentives for the investors along with special priorities for the major sectors”.

Asked to elaborate, the envoy said that CPEC cooperation is between the federal governments of Pakistan and China, but the SEZs were in the provinces, which created issues. “This is why it was a little slow. Then various private companies were also involved so it took time to make a breakthrough. But finally we have managed it.” He said Motorway (M-3) is already functional now.

“Better coordination is half the success. So Rashakai could be the first successful story. Gwadar Free Trade Zone has been a major success. There are 22 factories on construction sector in the Free Zone. Six of them have already finished work on port. Pakistan government has given tax-free incentive to it. Free Zone is now booming.”

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Mian Abrar
The writer heads Pakistan Today's Islamabad Bureau. He has a special focus on counter-terrorism and inter-state relations in Asia, Asia Pacific and South East Asia regions. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. CEPC is an illegal project that is passing through Indian territory of Gilgut/Baltistan, under illegal occupation of Pakistan.
    Saksham valley and Tibet are also disputed areas under forcible occupation of China. Unless these issues are resolved CEPC is a doomed project. Stop it and save money.

    • Tibet is integral part of China and same way GB is integral part of Pakistan, so CPEC is joint venture of China and Pakistan. Stop day dreaming

      • GB is an integral part of India, which is occupied by Pakistan after division of India and Pakistan. Later or sooner, India will try to recapture the unauthorised occupied area – the GB. So, any project made therein falls under very high risk and any investment made therein may go sheer wastage. The risk will always remain risk, and will remain pain-stock to its stakeholders.

        • for your kind information before 1947, India is just a continent, not a country how you can say that it is an integral part of India? can you explain this? India was a continent of different princely states so please stop this bullshit that Kashmir is the integral part, Kashmir also a princely state and Muslim majority state this state should include in Pakistan as partition rules set at that time, India forcibly invaded Muslim majority state

          • You Answered your Question in your first sentance: …” before 1947, India is just a CONTINENT!
            ( Did u know this continent was/ is mentioned in Mahabharat).
            Rest will be History!
            ( You can go read as Many “Peace” Books as you want!)

          • India or hindustan was never a ciuntry.they area greek called indie(india) was what is pakistan plus 10 mile to river bias.
            Hindustan was the name given by Persians(iran) to land were hindu lived.Tan in persian means land.
            muslim ruled spain for 500 years.does spain become an arab country.
            Jews lived all over arabia.

          • Omar Khokar,
            Please, Mahabharat existed before Islam.
            Rajia by Ram existed prior to it!
            ( Country is A Euro , recent description / name since formation of Modern politics n Democracies)
            Jews are Arabs! THEwhole catalog of Abrahimic followers were Arabs( same people , later to be Jews, Arabs being Muslim following) Roman’s brought Abrahimic Christians into Europe!

        • All muslim areas in India will come under pakistan’s authorities……. south india will be a separate country.

      • 100% well said…Long Live Pakistan- china friendship…Indian occupied kashmir people soon will be part of pakistan…..

    • Pakistan has announced it is going to make Gilgit-Baltistan an official province. Maybe it’s not a part of Pakistan yet but it will be soon.
      And India can’t even hold onto its territory of Ladakh, let alone take over Saksham Valley and Tibet. CPEC is going to continue as normal.

    • How brother! Can you clear your this statement that this project is illegal and some territories illegally occupied by Pakistan. Where Chinese mega projects are running in progress from these disputed areas . Generally speaking, if we think for a while over all issues which are disputed like 78 percent land/ Indian occupied Kashmir, where people brutally treated for their independence and rights , so what here in Pakistan Azad Kashmir 22 percent land, folks are treating like that as India is doing with them? And second, your concerned project here in Pakistan by China . Even, it is bringing peace, prosperity, cooperation and brotherhood relationships in South Asia . It’s time to grow up in the modern world and to understand their technical policies positively on the way of advancement .

      • How come rest of The World( besides China, Malasia- but are silent now and Turkey- The Bastards left overs of Ottoman; many are nothing but Europeans forced into Peace religion)
        at UN securities snubbed ur Great Playboy Cricketer IK n ur Foreign minister Qureshi).
        There lies The Answer!
        Now Go back and Pray some more for Peace!

    • How dare you say this man.We are owners of this land and will not allow anyone to say a word against it.Rsther India will soon be thrown out of Kashmir and territory

    • Thank you Mr Yao Jing for your crucial help to Pakistan at a critical time.
      We may not be there but the world will be there to see Mr. Xi Jin Peng’ vision and dream to come to fruition. Eurooe developed and became a huge market for the next generation of American goods.The huge markets and demand for more developed and advanced goods from China as well as other developed countries.
      From a proposed American Century based on festryction of countries, wars, a Century o based on racial prejudices
      and hatred, Mr. Xi Jin Peng’s win-win Century for Asia, Far-East, former Russian States, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
      Pakistan should remain in step, get rid of corruption, spread education and enhance skills of the working classes.
      Wish you Guys, InshaAllah, Good Luck and
      God speed.

  2. First sow and then reap.China is following this forumala with all European countries ,Russia and entire global countries.

  3. Tibet is integral part of China and same way GB is integral part of Pakistan, so CPEC is joint venture of China and Pakistan. Stop day dreaming

  4. GB is an integral part of India, which is occupied by Pakistan after division of India and Pakistan. Later or sooner, India will try to recapture the unauthorised occupied area – the GB. So, any project made therein falls under very high risk and any investment made therein may go sheer wastage. The risk will always remain risk, and will remain pain-stock to its stakeholders.

  5. These Indians dog think they are very clever look into your border areas and tell me which one is your good neighbor. We know you Endians are not of your mothers keep fighting we every of your neighbor and trying to show your good face of peace-loving people but sooner or later your dream of grabbing lands and unilateral occupation will teach you some lessons end that moment is not long away.your old day’s tactics are not useful anymore. Have regrets about free khalistan, Kashmir, naga lands askachin even bungaal

  6. A subtle way of telling Pakistanis that your bureaucracy sucks and is of no use. Instead of creating experts in different fields, given the huge resources available, the bureaucracy has failed to educate its ranks and has instead focused on corruption and nepotism. It is due to this fact, that Pakistan is unable to properly evaluate and initiate projects/works required for the growth of the masses and the country. For any project ‘consultants’ such as from WB, IFC, etc are needed instead of having experts from within the ministries managing the projects.

  7. Gilgit Baltistan threw Dogra out from Gilgit Baltistan on 30th October 1947. We are Pakistani. We will live and die for Pakistan.

  8. Guys, This project will mark doons day for the next generation of Pakistan when the payback period will commence with no capacity to generate revenue. We all know how chinese work. invest first and claim the property for non payment of debt. There was a very good article written by renowned Pakistani Journalist that role of pakistan in CPEC will be to make enroute dabha and establishing tyre repair shops. Trade will be flowing from china to rest of world not vice versa. Pakistan elites unfortunatrly never learnt from hiatorical facts of East India company.

  9. India was not so bad before BJP, they are out of sense, claiming Afghanistan to Bangladesh, tomorrow they can claim China as well. CPECK will progress and India will continue to cry. PAK..CHINA friendship Zindabad.

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