Jazz and Falcon-i, two market leaders, join hands for fleet tracking solution

The solutions partnership between Jazz Business and Falcon-i could shape how fleet tracking in Pakistan happens

The definition of what a telecom company does is changing rapidly. Initially, they were simply service providers that made sure your calls and texts went through without interruption. Now, they are internet providers that also have stakes in the banking and digital payments industries, and offer solutions to businesses.

One such example of the expanding domain of the telecommunications industry is Jazz Business, a mobility and enterprise solutions service that Jazz hopes will allow businesses to operate more efficiently, collaborate more effectively and connect better with customers.

And one of their first moves has been offering IoT (internet of things) services. IoT services provide devices with sensors that transmit realtime information from one place to the other over the internet. And how is Jazz planning on providing these devices to their business clients? Through a groundbreaking deal they have signed with Falcon-i, Pakistan’s leading IoT fleet management company.

Through Jazz Biz View, a centralised security solution for a company’s office buildings and vehicular assets created by the team at Falcon-i, this collaboration between the two companies hopes to become a unique, far-reaching change in how fleet management takes place in Pakistan. This is how Falcon-i plans to achieve this goal.

The IoT business

Everything today is digital. It is stored in clouds and wireless. But the ends between which this wireless world exists often have hardware. In the fleet management business, the only way to connect vehicles out on the road with servers back at the office is through these devices.

Usually, fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor the activity of fleet vehicles and assets such as workers and equipment.

So if you have a business that requires, for example, a fleet of trucks out on the road, or even a fleet of surveyors going out to conduct a survey, could have sensors or GPS tracking equipment installed on their vehicles to track them. That information can then be used to optimize how the fleet operates and maximise efficiency.

Falcon-i, for their partnership with Jazz, has produced and provided vehicle trackers, fuel sensors, MDVR, and Dashcams that Jazz can then provide to any businesses signing up with them for their fleet tracking services.

As far as choice of provider is concerned, Jazz’s partnering with Falcon-i brings two market leaders together. Jazz is Pakistan’s top performing telecom provider, and Falcon-i’s car tracking systems have been trusted with tracking and monitoring assets worth more than $2 billion by more than 16000 customers.

And Falcon-i has a well laid out plan on just how their services are going to allow Jazz to grow their Jazz business segment. But the question is, what exactly does the hardware and services that Falcon-i has been providing do?

What is Falcon-i providing to Jazz?

Essentially, through this new deal, Jazz business customers can now connect and control their most valuable assets all from a self-care portal powered by Falcon-i known as Jazz Biz View.

Jazz Biz View is a centralised security solution for office buildings and vehicular assets with advanced analytical management on a self-care portal. Through this end-to-end surveillance solution, businesses can secure remote warehouses, corporate offices, passenger transport vehicles, moving trucks etc. and take control over day to day operations as well as movements with real-time visibility, customized analytics, asset tracking and several other features.

Jazz and Falcon-i have entered a Solutions Partnership. Jazz has entrusted Falcon-i, as the leading fleet management and tracking company in the country, to power Jazz Biz View. This empowers Jazz Biz View customers to track and monitor their fleet & Assets.

The main products that Falcon-i will be using to do this for Jazz are MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording), Dashcam, 3G camera, and their Vehicle Tracking System. The technology that Falcon-i is using is state of the art, and used all over the world. Falcon-i’s services are a complete fleet tracking solution, and can be used to optimise business, and ensure safety through numerous products.

An MDVR solution, for example, is designed and built for heavy vehicles to monitor and manage a mobile workforce. Falcon-i’s MDVR system that they call the Video Live Plus, is hardwired within the vehicle. The fleet tracking system with cameras integrates with your tracking unit to combine footage with map locations, speed and G-force readings. It gives the customers video access, multiple cameras for different viewing angles, right vision, and everything they may need to ensure the safety of your driver and your cargo.

This enables proactive management and response. The fleet camera system stores footage on the device and accesses ample cloud storage. It can be configured to send immediate alerts in the event of an accident, a triggered duress switch, camera failure or unit tampering.

The Dashcam, which is known as Falcon-i’s Video Live, is a type of camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your car, and it is designed to record sounds and images while you are driving. The purpose of the dash cam is to carefully record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car.

Its Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), on the other hand, which can also be used by single cars, offers the widest coverage across Pakistan, in real-time. Vehicles can be tracked across iOs, Android and the Web.

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