Registrations for Pakistan’s first e-commerce awards underway

ISLAMABAD: The much awaited first eCommerce Awards of Pakistan have officially begun and are accepting registrations from participants. On the first day, an overwhelming number of participants sent in their registrations with entries soaring above the 100 participants mark.

The eCommerce Awards 2021 are being held to celebrate the growth, successes and explore collaborative learning opportunities across the industry. Formally launched on March 4, 2021, the awards are hosted by Profit Magazine.

The awards aim to crown a winner in each of the 18 categories set forth under the 2 major classifications of founder’s choice awards and public choice awards.

People’s choice awards are centered around a customers preference for a platform where each registered voter is allowed to vote for one company in its respective category.

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Likewise, founder’s choice awards are centered around identifying the preferred service providers in different segments of the technology stack that the eCommerce companies use.

The awards are of great importance to the eCommerce industry due to the lack of validation and admiration there is towards the people working behind the scenes.

With companies bonding over healthy competition and exposure in the spotlight, the awards are bound to highlight the efforts of digital commerce in Pakistan nationally and internationally as well.

The event has already grab attention and spotlight with its launch in March backed by its amazing support system of prestigious partners including Profit by Pakistan Today and Pakistan eCommerce Consortium and managed by seasoned industry professionals Raza Matin, CEO & Founder @ Brandverse, Adam Dawood, CEO & Founder @ bSecure), Imtiaz N. Mohammad, Growth, Analytics and Retention Consultant, Orange Fox.

Next Steps:
If you are an eCommerce company

  • Nominate your company on
  • Install the iframe on your website
  • Download the nominee pack from eCommerce Awards Website
  • Create your social media strategy for generating votes

If you are an eCommerce service provider 

  • See if you are nominated for eCommerce Founders’ Awards Category list
  • If you are not on the list already, Nominate yourself for the eCommerce Awards
  • Ask your clients to register and vote for you

Winners of the eCommerce Awards 2021 will be announced on March 27.

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