Razak seeks stakeholders’ feedback to finalise Pak-Uzbek PTA

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to the PM on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood on Tuesday directed the Ministry of Commerce to consult with all stakeholders for reviewing the progress being made between Pakistan and Uzbekistan on the proposed Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA).

In a tweet, Dawood said that the Ministry of Commerce is finalising the Agreement with Uzbekistan in consultation with all the stakeholders.

“As we approach the finalisation, any business that may not have given the views are requested to communicate their input in this regard to MoC. So that these are properly considered,” he tweeted.

An official announcement said the Ministry of Commerce is in the process of finalising Pakistan’s request list in consultation with public and private sector stakeholders. The input of the private sector, concerned ministries and departments was obtained via detailed consultations in the last three months. 

Dawood directed the ministry to carry out a final round of consultation with the private sector stakeholders, various chambers and associations as well as companies trading with Uzbekistan to review the ground situation before finalising Pakistan’s request lists. 

The meeting decided that seminars will be held by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in Karachi and Lahore to apprise the business community about the PTA.

Moreover, TDAP will organise sector-specific webinars in the next two weeks to complete the process.


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