Nazar na lag jaye, haye – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

This week we’re talking about capitalism, enviable taxes that warrant laal mirch to cast off nazar, fast ecommerce, and of course the PSX. We start the new year with new taxes, yet the same diminishing purchasing power. All this and more from the Pakistani econ twitterverse. 


Laal Mirch is often used to cast off nazar. I don’t think anything the government is doing with regards to taxation and fiscal management is Nazar inducing.


Not endorsing his PSX picks for investing, however, I feel the decision to make investing fun and in the form of a football team is a good way to go. This goes to show you don’t need to be a financial professional to make money off the PSX.


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I’d do the same but sadly, I work for Profit Magazine and not Jacobin.


Your lungs will soon adapt to the smog and air pollution. Besides, who needs u turns when you can say one thing and do another?


Urdu is not the universal language you think it is especially in a culturally diverse country like Pakistan.


Purchasing power matter, real changes in inflation and income matter too. Regardless, I think very few of us are better off than we were in the past. Wages don’t rise the way they should, and prices remain sticky downwards.


We looked for the tax and couldn’t find it unfortunately.


Uh, say what you want about sell side reports but hey, stay away from horoscopes and astrology.


What’s faster than fast commerce? Willingness. Shami Courier Service probably has a valuation of $100 billion by now.


Stop making fun of the underpaid intern that was told to write this.


That is 2022 for you. Happy new year folks!

Ariba Shahid
The author is a business journalist at Profit. She can be reached at [email protected] or at


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