LESCO bills Rs200mn to consumers below 100 units per month

Number of beneficiaries under CMs subsidy plan to be around 150,000 in Lahore area

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz on Monday announced free electricity for consumers using 100 units of electricity in Punjab and he had said during a news conference in Lahore that the bill of 100 units of electricity users in Punjab for the last six months would be waived.

Profit obtained details from Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) on how many people in Lahore would benefit from the subsidy program.

A senior LESCO official informed Profit that 157,528 consumers in the city would entitled to free electricity under the CM package since that is the number of people using up to 100 units per month.

One fan and one lightbulb running for 24 hours is enough to consume 100 units in a month, the official said. Any consumption above this will take the billing above the threshold.

According to the official, consumers using 100 units had to pay RS 1,230 per month for electricity, in addition to the cost of electricity, they also had to pay about Rs 800 in various taxes and fees.

“Under this subsidy package, every consumer who consumes up to 100 units of electricity will get a benefit of more than RS 2,000 per month and the Punjab government will give a total monthly subsidy of about Rs 200 million to LESCO. LESCO currently has 5.8 million total consumers. Experts from the Punjab government and power companies have teamed up to work out a formula for the subsidy.

The official added that the old meters had been replaced by new meters in almost the entire city and this year too, when the summer season started, the remaining houses where the old style meters were installed were also replaced.

“New meters run 30 percent faster than old meters. That’s why the electricity bill increases by 30 percent. In addition, many homes have three-phase meters installed that are up to 40 percent faster. For the past two years, middle and lower middle class families have shifted their common home appliances such as fans and air coolers to DC technology, which uses 12 volts and a few amperes of electricity. LED technology is now being used in homes to replace the typical 100-watt or 60-watt bulbs and tube lights, which consume very little electricity. 

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Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached on [email protected]


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    The unfortunately SHAREEF Family in powers in Punjab since 1985 & never ever made Electricity Free to those using less than 100 units

    Next thing petrol prices raised RS.100 per liter by IMPORTED GOVERNMENT & Even a motorcycle owner use 1 liter petrol daily it will increase his budget of RS.4,000 to RS.6,000 for Petrol , Oil for Engine & spares of engine

    They are PML-N PAKISTAN MONEY LAUNDERING NETWORK LED BY A CULPRIT ABSCONDER WANTED DEPOSED EX PM N S is the best of the best actor of politics in the world who had been declared & disqualified by non other than SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN TO HIM & DECLARED LIER FRADULENT WOMAN MRS MARIAM SAFDER AWAN

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