PM seeks early report on suspended power projects

Govt to launch solarisation drive with reduced prices and tax incentives within next few months

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday asked the inquiry commission for an early submission of the report on the suspension of power projects during the past four years.

As per details, while chairing a meeting to review measures for promotion of solar energy in the country, the PM also sought a detailed report on the amount received as fuel price adjustment through the electricity bills.

The meeting was briefed in detail on the solar projects as an alternate to costly power projects. It was told that the government will launch solarisation projects of around 14,000 megawatts within the next few months. Out of these, solar projects of around 9000 MW will be executed on priority.

Under the initiative, solar systems will not only be provided on reduced prices but also be given tax incentives.

PM Shehbaz told the meeting that the people will be provided with solar systems as an alternate to the costly electricity being generated using imported fuel whereas Balochistan must be prioritised during the provision of the systems. 

He said that the alternate energy policy of Imran Khan’s government introduced in 2020 did not only fail to produce required results but also to attract investment in the sector. He said that said that solarisation will not only reduce the import bill of costly fuel but also help generate low-cost and environment friendly electricity.

The prime minister also directed the authorities concerned to carry out comprehensive planning for an early execution of the solar projects.


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