Telenor Pakistan partners with PayFast to enhance digital payments via its Apollo app

ISLAMABAD: Telenor Pakistan has partnered with PayFast – Pakistan’s leading payment gateway – as an aggregator to enable digital payments on Telenor’s digital retailer platform, Apollo.

Retailers using Apollo can now digitally purchase goods and services conveniently using their bank account or mobile wallet through the PayFast payment gateway. This will lead to a more comfortable and hassle-free payment experience while attracting more users who opt to transact with these instruments.

“Digitisation of retail payments has the potential to transform how businesses and consumers interact in the retail industry. By providing increased convenience, efficiency, and access to financial services, digital payment methods can help to drive economic growth and improve financial inclusion in retail payments. This partnership will help to enhance and offer more products and services to retail, as well as personalise their offerings to meet the needs of their customers,” says Umair Mohsin, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Adnan Ali, CEO at PayFast stated, “This partnership is a significant step forward in enriching Pakistan’s retail sector through the promotion of digital payments and financial inclusivity. By introducing payment acceptance from direct bank transfers and mobile wallets, users will have more flexibility and convenience, encouraging a wider net of Pakistanis to capitalize on the ease of online payments even if they don’t necessarily have a credit or debit card.”

About Apollo
Apollo is a registered, trademarked product of Telenor Pakistan. It aims to transform the conventional distribution market into a digital space with easy access for all. The application provides a one stop sales and distribution solution encompassing performance management, inventory management, inventory distribution, e-commerce, and payments.

About PayFast
PayFast is a payment gateway service in Pakistan that is on a mission to provide easy online payment solutions for millions nationwide! It empowers businesses to swiftly accept online payments from their customers through cards, bank accounts, and mobile wallets, helping to increase conversions and maximize revenue. The gateway is licensed and regulated by the State Bank and functions with the utmost security, with round-the-clock transaction monitoring and compliance with all international industry standard security practices.

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