Govt rejects demand to extend manganese phase out plan for oil refineries

On Tuesday, the government called for the manganese phase-out plan to be implemented strictly and directed refineries to decrease its manganese content to 24 milligrams per litre of petrol within two days

Finance Division clarifies news about current account deficit

Clarifying a news item on current account deficit, appeared in a section of press on December 20, it said the news does not reflect the factual position, a Finance Division press release said.

Can drip irrigation eradicate Pakistan’s water crisis and food insecurity?

To save water, the country needs to replace its age-old method of irrigating crops with improved yield and quality being tangible benefits

CRE organises workshop on emerging issues, challenges, opportunities in rural economy

ISLAMABAD: The first workshop on the theme: “Emerging Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Economy of Pakistan” was organised by the Centre For Rural...

World Bank promises $200bn in 2021-25 climate cash

NEW YORK: The World Bank on Monday unveiled $200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25, adding this amounts to a doubling of its current...

VW’s Audi CEO arrested in Germany over diesel scandal

Volkswagen was holding crisis talks on Monday to find a stand-in boss for its Audi brand, a source familiar with the discussions said, after German authorities arrested Audi CEO Rupert Stadler as part of a probe into emissions test cheating.

Water shortage will rise to 52 percent for Kharif sowing season

Sindh’s water shortage was recorded at 53 percent and for Punjab, it was 47 percent

Fazl-e-Elahi praises federal govt. bid to curb illicit tobacco trade

PESHAWAR Senior Vice-President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Agriculture (KPCA) Fazal-e-Elahi Khan today welcomed the decision of federal government to introduce a new tier to document...

As water crisis deepens, drought reality hits Pakistani population

Per capita water availability has been on a downward trend for decades. In 1947, when Pakistan was created, the figure stood at about 5,000 cubic meters per person, according to the World Bank. Today it is 1,000 cubic meters

Germany-France agree to reduce usage of coal for combating climate change

BONN: The leaders of Germany and France promised to limit the use of coal on Wednesday and urged more global action to combat global...

Women participation in labour force 4.3pc, gender gap wider than before: World Bank

KARACHI: Institute of Business Management's (IoBM) Head of Economics, Shahida Wizarat, says women don’t face gender-based discrimination in effluent classes but the same is not...

KPT misses environment, health, safety management system certification deadline again

LAHORE: Karachi Port Trust (KPT), used for almost 95 per cent of Pakistan’s international trade, has once again missed the deadline for consecutive 3rd...

Differences over devaluation surfaced in fiscal policy board meeting

Finance Minister asks SBP to develop information sharing mechanism on major decisions, meanwhile, government expects improvement in economy after January 2019

Water and climate change: the (hopefully not) insurmountable challenges

Here is the bad news when it comes to climate change: if the government of Pakistan consisted of 100% extremely competent and completely uncorrupt...

Total water storage in reservoirs face 30 percent shortfall, as Tarbela hits maximum level

Pakistan’s main water reservoirs have gained 65.60 percent of the combined live storage of 13.681 MAF, of which 34.40 percent capacity requires to be filled

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Cement prices surge to previous levels in Punjab

LAHORE: Cement prices, after witnessing a drop of almost 15pc during the last five months, have started reverting to the previous level in the northern...

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