Plastic use skyrockets as imports surge to over 36MT

PESHAWAR: Despite the tiring efforts of the federal government to reduce the use of plastic and protect the environment, its use has increased across the country and annual import has crossed 36,651 metric tons.

The federal government has sought recommendations from all the provincial governments because of the continuous rise in plastic use and its environmental impacts.

“The use of plastics in Pakistan is constantly increasing and the annual import of plastics is 36,651 metric tons, the value of which has exceeded Rs2.38 billion,” the Ministry of Climate Change said in a report.

Similarly, the export of plastics is limited to 5,172 metric tons or Rs.458 million, which shows that 70 per cent of the local plastics are not being properly recycled

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China and India have imposed a complete ban on the import of solid plastics, leaving the rest of the South Asian countries, with huge plastic waste.

The ministry of climate change has suggested imposing a complete ban on the import of plastic for the next six months. The ministry has also suggested that the industry should be bound to recycle used plastic.

Similarly, the ministry of climate change has said in another proposal that under the import policy, the import of plastic should be reduced by 25pc annually and after 2025, the plastic import should be eliminated.

The ministry also suggested that any industry, which is importing plastics, is required to export the same amount of used plastic waste. Moreover, the ministry has proposed to impose heavy fines on industries for importing plastic waste.

The ministry has sought the views of the provincial governments on these proposals, after which the proposals will be unanimously put before the federal cabinet.

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