Any hope of turning Pakistan into an IT hub will need serious investment in fixed broadband infrastructure

Punjab govt to appeal in SC for restoration of RUDA

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has dismissed appeals against the interim order to restore the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) and said that the...

CCP initiates enquiry into suspected carterlisation in T-bills auction

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has initiated an enquiry into the suspected cartelization by primary dealers in the recent auction of T-bills carried out by the Government of...

IMF defers Pakistan’s sixth review until Feb 2

The executive board of IMF has extended the date for the sixth review of Pakistan under the $6 billion extended fund facility which is scheduled to be carried out...

After three years in the wilderness, can Summit Bank be resurrected?

After being frozen in time for three years, the bank is making quick moves to get back in the race

Dispute over Reko Diq mines heads towards a settlement

World’s fifth largest copper and gold deposits will finally get to see the sun, as the government of Pakistan and Tethyan Copper Company seem to have reached an agreement regarding the division of shares at 50% each

The GDP finally rebased

The National Accounts Committee has revised the GDP growth rate for FY21 to 5.4% from 3.9% as per provisional estimates, the highest in 14...

Can Pakistan afford to build its tourism industry?

Do we have what it takes to manage the damaging effects of large scale tourism?

Editoral: Minibudget and SBP bills

Given all the triumphant rhetoric we have been hearing from the government since this fiscal year began about how...

Editorial: No, this is not a financial crisis

Rising economic stress does not translate to being an ‘economic crisis’.

The case for Pakistan

(Hint: it's not the next Indonesia)

Shrinkflation and its discontents

“Homo homini lupus” - man is wolf to man

Work goals and PTA under the microscope

The PTA has now not only banned TikTok, but has also nearly doubled the tax on iPhones, meaning it has destroyed...

Is the National Security Policy merely words on paper?

While recognizing the necessity and importance of the National Security Policy, we must focus on execution



China imports oil for its own needs, yet exports to Pakistan. Why?

Profit Editor Khurram Husain talks to Ariba Shahid about her story on a potential tax arbitrage by some oil marketing companies to rake in a tidy profit. 

This is why Pakistani banks don’t lend to the private sector

Banks are at a loss at how to deal with bad faith actors defaulting away – along with a sloth like judiciary that allows them to get away

What is GDP ?

Profit Economics Class # 1

Will the India-model work for Pakistan’s EdTech start-ups?

Asad Nizami talks to Taimoor Hassan about the latter’s story in last week’s issue of Profit about whether a Pakistan edTech company can replicate the Byju model from across the border

In Case You Missed it

The extraordinary TRG EGM saga

Zia Chishti went quietly as the EGM spelled a shakeup for TRG

Chinese petrol drive OMC profits

Mogas imports from China rose to 16pc of the total in 2021 under the CPFTA II, but could not prevent retail prices from reaching record highs

Flight to the dollar and the new shape of currency supports

As demand for the greenback skyrockets, the central bank finds itself forced into novel forms of interventions to keep the exchange rate from falling

Airlift may have hit a billion, but is it for real?

There is more than meets the eye in Airlift’s evolution from mass transit startup to a quick commerce unicorn

The great life insurance swindle

How the industry has taken to selling it more as an investment and less as financial protection, often deceiving customers about the true nature of their product, shaking the public’s trust in a country that already has the lowest insurance penetration in the region

Pakistani cotton is collapsing. What does this mean for farmers and the textile industry?

The country was once one of the largest cotton producers but lately it is finding it hard to meet its cotton production targets, and all the players blame each other

The discriminatory hiring practices of Islamic banks: is this the shape of things to come?

Religious dress codes exist for women, but not men. Discrimination against religious minorities can get quite explicit, and even against non-religious Muslims. Will this spread to other parts of Corporate Pakistan?

Beware of foreign VCs bearing term sheets

Pakistan is finally on the global venture capital map, undeniably a good thing for the country’s economy and startup ecosystem. But if expectations are not aligned with reality for both investors and entrepreneurs, the party could end very quickly