Govt yet to issue ordinance despite approval of Electric Vehicle policy by cabinet about a month ago

Pakistan refused LNG supply for February

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) suppliers have refused to provide Pakistan with gas in the month of February. According to local media reports that surfaced on Sunday, the Pakistan LNG Limited...

Pakistan mulls alternate CPEC route to cut down distance to China border

'The new route, after crossing the border at Yarkand, will connect GB's Shigar, Skardu and Astor districts to Muzaffarabad' 

Beware of the central bank bearing negative real interest rates

The State Bank is keeping rates low to try to stimulate the economy, but how much of the recent growth can be attributed to low rates? And what impact do negative real rates have on the banking system?

Despite a pandemic, Pakistani startups had their best year yet with over $65 million in funding

The coronavirus pandemic may have actually helped some startups, particularly as the fintech space in Pakistan continues to grow

Seth Abid: Pakistan’s ‘pious’ smuggler, mythmaker, and the last of the outlaws

Gold smuggler, real estate developer, and philanthropist, the man was part of the Pakistani imagination for well over half a century


Tackling the Multi-Headed Energy Hydra

Fixing one problem causes three more

Why institutional reform matters

One of the biggest critiques of neoclassical economics – usually levied by people who do not understand it – is that it falsely assumes...

Pakistan needs to fix its electricity network. Here’s one way

Technology must be on the forefront of how we choose to deal with this problem

All for one, one for all

We cannot bring ourselves to recount the brutal and vicious manner in which the coal miners in Balochistan from the Hazara community were abducted...

Rebuild Karachi

The city’s decline may have much to do with a lack of political ownership, but the situation cannot be allowed to continue. The way out is for the business community to step up with a common agenda

Provincial subjects and their discontents

For all of the good it has done, the 18th amendment has not been properly utilized and implemented by the provinces, particularly in the case of taxation and labour welfare