The machinery is reportedly being exported to Afghanistan, Indonesia, and to South America.

Privatising DISCOs is agenda item number one. Maybe it shouldn’t be

Everyone seems agreed on the privatisation of our DISCOS. But has anyone bothered to look at what is best for these companies and the consumers?

The govt is finally trying to fix Pakistan’s increasingly worrying pension problem. Is it too little too late?

The federal pension bill exceeds Rs 1 trillion mark. What are the reforms being implemented, and are the measures strong enough given how bad things have gotten?

The budget has quashed any rumors about high taxes on stock market earnings. What does the ensuing rally mean for the year to come?

The benchmark index has been on a rout and there are few signs that it is going to stop any time soon

The govt is punishing filers and non-filers alike. The only difference is the latter might manage to escape

There is an incoherence between the treatment of the formal and informal sectors of the economy. And those documented can’t escape

Changes to look out for in the banking sector for the next fiscal year

Banks to pay higher effective taxes as the government disallows provisions to be treated as expenses

If you’re not paying for journalism, you’re paying to not have journalism

Quality is the staple product of this stapled product. Or so we think. As do you, if reader feedback...

If the economy has any chance of surviving, the political instability must end

The first indications that a hung parliament will cause economic tremors in Pakistan have become apparent. An announcement from...

DISCOS – Is there a way out of the existential quagmire?

The current discussion on economic issues in government circles as well as business networks seems to be focused upon the host...

Stability and reform: Navigating financial challenges in Pakistan’s power sector

Pakistan's power sector is at a critical crossroads, facing significant financial challenges that threaten its stability and sustainability. Changing policies and...

The bitter aftertaste of FED on Pakistan’s juice industry

In face of the need to broaden our tax net, the government imposed a flat 20% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on...

Unlocking foundational revenue

I often explain the idea of a three tiered federation as a three storied structure. Just as a structure would not...

What next from KIA, after 15 lacs drop in Stonic’s price | Featured in Profit

Profit explains what exactly went behind the scenes that led to the drastic price drop of KIA Stonic in Pakistan, and what to expect...

Lawmakers are running wild with development budgets while important projects languish | Profit

In the backdrop of Pakistan’s fiscal landscape, development spending has been a critical area of concern, as revealed by the last budget. Not only...

Alfalah’s brokerage CEO resigns following billion-rupee loss | Featured in Profit

With Bank Alfalah stepping in to rescue the brokerage house, the question remains as to why?

Greedy land developers want Pakistan’s agricultural land. Could the SC hold the answer? | Profit

For decades, real estate developers have had a free for all when it comes to acquiring land. Could a recent case in the Supreme...

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PIA is up for sale, and there’s a six-way battle for who will take the prize

Four different airlines, power producers, and real estate developers are all in the running to buy PIA when the airline is finally privatised

K-Electric’s new owners still haven’t gotten management control. What will be left to control by the time they’re up to bat?

It has been more than a year since Shaheryar Chishty bought KE. Why hasn’t he gotten management control, and will he be inheriting a different company from the one he bought?

Can Treet Corporation overcome its beard problem?

Treet Corporation was set to be Pakistan’s next big conglomerate after it diversified into different industries. So far, this is how it has played out

Jazz is tired of being a Telco. Can they figure out what they want to be instead?

The company is in the process of shedding its skin and becoming a tech company. But are they trying too hard to make the pivot work?