The rise of the United States (US) dollar in the interbank against the Pakistani rupee continued on Monday as it crossed the Rs163 mark. According to details, the US dollar was traded at Rs163.05 in...

Pakistan’s exports to Italy record 49pc growth

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s exports to Italy recorded a 49 per cent growth on a year-on-year basis to $786 million in the outgoing fiscal year 2020-21 (FY21) despite the fact that...

Pakistan ranks ‘cheapest country to live in’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been ranked as 'the cheapest country in the world to live in' with a cost of living index showing 18.58, followed by Afghanistan 24.51, India 25.14...

Lahore’s vertical growth gambit

With the Punjab government getting in on the action, Pakistan's first properly planned business district in Lahore might change the city's standing

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How Pakistan needs to help out its credit bureaus - for its own good

TikTok is a data collection service pretending to be a social network

Instead of banning it every few months, the PTA needs to come up with a proper censorship framework

The catch 22 of working in a male-dominated profession

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Do we need a Google financial office in Pakistan?

During a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue, an FBR representative stated that it had warned digital platforms that...