ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company (BMEC) – a joint venture of the government of Balochistan and government of Pakistan and the concession holder of EL199 consisting of Reko diq and Tanjeel reserves – has...

Extended opening hours for retail premises as new infections fall

ISLAMABAD: Shops will be able to stay open until 8:00 pm five days a week when they reopen on Monday, the government announced on Saturday. The decision to extend the trading...

Pakistan-Uzbek transit trade marks historic launch

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan and Uzbekistan transit trade and export of goods to Pakistan through Afghanistan was launched here on Tuesday. In this regard, an Uzbek cargo truck crossed the Afghan...

Is Pakistan ready to unlock its export potential with Amazon?

If manufacturers in Pakistan invest in brand development to compete on value instead of price, they have a shot to grow export revenues with the leading online marketplace, according to a Wapistani alumni of the $1.7 trillion company

Renters should be given a tax-break on their income. BS or not?

The proposition that became popular on social media is high on our BS scale

MNCs claim to care about the environment. Can this Pakistani startup convince them to walk the talk?

If refilling can become popular, big FMCGs might want to turn to Davaam’s gamble

Medialogic and PEMRA go head to head in LHC over forensic audit

The mystery behind Pakistan’s abysmal ranking in the ease of doing business index continues

Dewan Cement is struggling. But why?

In what was supposed to be a record breaking year for the cement industry, Dewan continued to tank

Pakistan wins over Amazon: De-coding another dream

There was celebration all over the country when Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood tweeted that Pakistan will before long be added to Amazon's rundown...

The fault in our auditing environment

ICAP can no longer in good faith act both as institutions and regulator

Dr Hafeez Shaikh’s scorecard

Despite the less than warm welcome he received from everyone, Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has left the economy better than he found it

eCommerce Awards 2021 – How, Why & What’s Next

Pakistan’s eCommerce industry is tiny! The global average for eCommerce transactions as a percentage of total retail is in the 15% range (pre-covid). Digital-first...

An open letter to the chief blocking officer at the PTA

Who knew that in the age of technology, solutions exist that negate the need to blanket ban apps just so a few sociopaths can’t coordinate their desire to channel the devil while he’s locked up? Public affairs teams need to step up their game or hire a local expert to represent them

Exchange Traded Funds: An Opportunity Lost?

Only four equity ETFs have been launched, and their market volumes have been dismal