Seth Abid was larger than life. But his family’s fortunes have been sullied by a string of crimes - both financial and personal.

Govt likely to authorise OMCs to set prices of POL products

ISLAMABAD: The government is likely to authorise oil marketing companies (OMCs) to set future oil prices, a move that is expected to deflect the...

Refineries respond to questions on importing Russian oil

KARACHI: In separate letters on Friday, oil refineries responded to the Ministry of Energy on the question whether it is possible to import Russian crude, Profit has learnt.  In a...

SBP pauses disbursements under Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar low-cost housing scheme

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) instructed banks to put on hold further disbursements under Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar (MPMG) scheme till August 31, 2022, and to also pause...

The great local government gambit

The PLGA 2022 brings a lot to the table. But will it meet the same fate as previous attempts to enshrine a third tier of political and economic governance?

How banks make money by holding onto your international payments

Yes the banks are being greedy here. But then again, they’re banks. They’re supposed to be greedy

The gas conundrum

International prices continue to play havoc on the local market

Is the ‘Super-Tax’ the need of the hour or an easy way out?

The effective corporate tax rates are now highest in the region but is this necessary?

Last mile to the IMF

Matters have advanced rapidly with the IMF since the government took the difficult decisions on the fuel price adjustments...

Sit down, Mr Dar!

For a number of weeks, now former finance minister Ishaq Dar has been providing unsolicited input into the economic...

Exhausting the taxed

Pakistan has had a consistently low tax-GDP ratio for decades, staying below peer countries and barely touching 12 percent in a...

Winter is coming for the startups

“Winter is coming. We know what’s coming with it.” This line from the television show Game of Thrones, which is based...

Paper cut

Commodity prices don’t increase in isolation, they mostly move in tandem.  Just like the butterfly effect wherein a butterfly fluttering its...

A Freu-Darian slip of the tongue?

An Ishaq Dar shaped shadow hangs over Miftah Ismail and all of us



Profit Weekly Roundup: Fuel’s going to get more expensive

In this episode, we avoid talking about Profit Editor Khurram Husain’s inclusion (without his consent) in the Economic Advisory Council - and his refusal...

Taxes…..and Donald Duck! | Profit for kids

In this episode of Profit For Kids we will look at taxes and how the US enlisted the services of a navy sailor (Donald...

Ditching diesel: making all public transport electric | Profit Urdu

How do the countries of the world fare in e-mobility? Which countries have made the leap into converting their public transport into electric-only vehicles?...

How not to price a car: Kia Sorento | Profit Magazine

Profit Publishing Editor Babar Nizami talks to Profit’s Auto Sector Analyst Daniyal Ahmad about the price dynamics of Kia Sorento. How Lucky Motors tried...

In Case You Missed it

The KIA Sorento 101 – How not to price a car

A story of corporate greed, brashness and the upside down dynamics at play in Pakistan’s car industry

Under a new rule, the PTA seeks total internet control

Engineers warn of severe risks, as the regulator demands all DNS servers be localised.

Budgeting on hope

If ever a budget raised more questions than answers,...

The edible oil saga

A colonial past, an inhospitable environment, and failed agricultural policies have led us here today

Startups are brave to operate in Pakistan – because the govt really doesn’t get them

The government does not support the startup ecosystem beyond acknowledgements and awards

Should the fintech playbook scare the banks?

With the SBP taking sides, can digital-first companies do more than just fill gaps left by the incumbent banks?

No, TAG isn’t worth $100mn. And here is why it might never be

TAG might have managed to woo investors, but it might have miscalculated its own market

Chinese petrol drive OMC profits

Mogas imports from China rose to 16pc of the total in 2021 under the CPFTA II, but could not prevent retail prices from reaching record highs