Mr Khan is the complainant in a case the SC is hearing regarding the previous PDM government’s decision to clip the powers of the National Accountability Bureau. What implications does the case have on white-collar financial crime? 

In the ever-raging battle between Coca Cola and Pepsico, Sting is King

Coca Cola outsold Pepsico in 2023 in the carbonated drinks market. But Pepsico is still ahead thanks to a little something known in Pakistan as “stimulant drinks”

Changes are afoot at Careem. What do they mean for the fast changing ride-hailing sector?

Inflation has meant lots of changes in all segments including transport. Careem is responding through their pricing

The banking sector has been reaping the rewards of high inflation. Is their winning streak coming to an end?

Unchanged cost of funds coupled with declining yield on assets put pressure on bank’s income

Is the Track and Trace system a fraud or is there fraud within the system?

Deep inside Pakistan’s track and trace problem, a story of inefficiency, judicial interference and conflict of interest unfolds

Highnoon Laboratories and the curious (court) case of Related Party Transactions

The recent announcement of an Annual General Meeting has raised more questions than answered them

If you’re not paying for journalism, you’re paying to not have journalism

Quality is the staple product of this stapled product. Or so we think. As do you, if reader feedback...

If the economy has any chance of surviving, the political instability must end

The first indications that a hung parliament will cause economic tremors in Pakistan have become apparent. An announcement from...

Managing Exits; How to Fire an Employee

This off-limits subject is critical and needs to be well-understood by leaders everywhere

Value Trapped!

Will high inflation turn the tables in favour of local brands?

Board composition – do you have the right people for your business?

Most medium to large-scale businesses need to think deeply about the different types of talent required for their boards

The SIFC and the Dar problem

Pakistan has just had a close brush with Dar, but it seems that the worst is over. While Prime Minister Shehbaz...

Lawmakers are running wild with development budgets while important projects languish | Profit

In the backdrop of Pakistan’s fiscal landscape, development spending has been a critical area of concern, as revealed by the last budget. Not only...

Alfalah’s brokerage CEO resigns following billion-rupee loss | Featured in Profit

With Bank Alfalah stepping in to rescue the brokerage house, the question remains as to why?

Greedy land developers want Pakistan’s agricultural land. Could the SC hold the answer? | Profit

For decades, real estate developers have had a free for all when it comes to acquiring land. Could a recent case in the Supreme...

SECP Data scraping and its positive effects | Featured in Profit

In July 2023, SECP saw it dat being scraped and being sold on the internet. Once this data was bought, a website called

In case you missed it

KIA Stonic’s drastic price fall is a tale of lobbying, regulatory capture, and high margins. Here’s what went down behind the scenes

For the past year, Pakistan’s car manufacturers have been at war with each other, using every trick in the book. Has KIA just ended it with a masterstroke, or is it just getting started?

The problem is access to credit, not payments claims Abhi CEO at World Economic Forum

Representing Pakistan’s fintech community at World Economic Forum, Omair Ansari claims it is a fallacy that Pakistan has a big unbanked population because of the impact of the telcos.

America is threatening sanctions over the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline. Let it

Pakistan’s need for an reliance on natural gas has only increased as our reserves have fallen. A cheap and convenient solution is staring us in the face. But will geopolitics let it take root?

Suzuki Pakistan is all set to be delisted as Danka finally sells his veto shares. Who gained and who lost?

A big local shareholder was in a Mexican Standoff with Suzuki Pakistan's Japanese owners. Who flinched first?

Pakistan’s biggest telco Jazz sets eyes on public listing

Through listing, Jazz says it plans to build capital markets of the country

Ruling party in shambles over wheat scam as PM reluctant to take action against caretakers

Mian Nawaz reportedly wants to initiate action to deflect blame away from his daughter Maryam’s government in the Punjab.

TPL REIT fund is looking to raise Rs 403 million via IPO

As the company looks to raise funds, just what is a REIT fund and how does it work?

After six years, NAB gives up on LNG reference against former PM Abbasi and Engro leadership citing no proof. Here’s what happened.

Sheikh Imran and Mr Abbasi will not be getting the time they spent in prison back. But are we at least going to label the reference as the witch hunt it was?