Servaid’s rich Saudi investors have backed out. What will become of Pakistan’s premier pharmacy retail chain?

From its origins as part of the Servis Group to multiple changes in ownership since its inception in 2005, Servaid has undergone an eventful two decades in existence

Lawmakers are running wild with development budgets while important projects languish

How are SDG-compliant parliamentarian schemes being used to play politics in Pakistan?

The CEO of Alfalah’s brokerage house has resigned after a billion rupee loss on his watch. Was it simple mismanagement or something more?

With Bank Alfalah stepping in to rescue the brokerage house, the question remains as to why?

Banking apps might get worse because of security concerns. How do you strike a balance?

Recent measures to enhance security have rendered mobile banking apps no longer convenient and accessible

Pakistanis are proud of their charitability. But how do we best spend this generosity?

Organisations like Shaukat Khanum provide an avenue for collective action that can help in building lasting institutions

If you’re not paying for journalism, you’re paying to not have journalism

Quality is the staple product of this stapled product. Or so we think. As do you, if reader feedback...

If the economy has any chance of surviving, the political instability must end

The first indications that a hung parliament will cause economic tremors in Pakistan have become apparent. An announcement from...

Managing Exits; How to Fire an Employee

This off-limits subject is critical and needs to be well-understood by leaders everywhere

Value Trapped!

Will high inflation turn the tables in favour of local brands?

Board composition – do you have the right people for your business?

Most medium to large-scale businesses need to think deeply about the different types of talent required for their boards

The SIFC and the Dar problem

Pakistan has just had a close brush with Dar, but it seems that the worst is over. While Prime Minister Shehbaz...

Greedy land developers want Pakistan’s agricultural land. Could the SC hold the answer? | Profit

For decades, real estate developers have had a free for all when it comes to acquiring land. Could a recent case in the Supreme...

SECP Data scraping and its positive effects | Featured in Profit

In July 2023, SECP saw it dat being scraped and being sold on the internet. Once this data was bought, a website called

How does Shaukat Khanum stay afloat – In conversation with Dr Faisal Sultan | Profit

Despite an economic downturn, collections by charitable organisations have increased. But how exactly do they operate?  

Profit Op-Ed: CPEC, not quite what it might seem | Profit

Rafiullah Kakar thinks that CPEC - like all BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) projects - can create a win-win situation for China and Pakistan...

In case you missed it

Waqar Malik is on his way out and a general on his way in. Is this the end of the civilian experiment at Fauji...

Civilian bosses seem to have run Fauji Foundation better than, well, Faujis. Why has the Foundation been given back to a retired general, then?

Pakistan’s billion-dollar fund manager resigns quietly as SECP investigates suspicious transactions. Here’s what went down

The CEO of Al Meezan Investment Management Limited is not the first, nor will he be the last to be embroiled in such a controversy

Does the D in DFIs stand for Debt?

The financial institutions have overhauled their strategy and now resemble a leveraged fixed-income fund

Who were the Truckanwalas and how did their criminal enterprise get three generations murdered?

They made their initial money in Punjab's transport business. But their criminal enterprise was involved in much more.

Layoffs, board resignations as OPay-Finja clash prolongs. What is the dispute and what else is happening behind the scenes?

Finja is pursuing a strategy of going public with their concerns and exploring legal remedies. Meanwhile OPay’s Chinese investors are fast losing faith in Pakistan’s potential.

The World Bank recommends a “bold economic reform plan” for recovery. What is new?

Economy expected to grow by only 1.8% in the current Fiscal year; WB

Greedy land developers want Pakistan’s agricultural land. Could the Supreme Court hold the answer?

For decades, real estate developers have had a free for all when it comes to acquiring land. Could a recent case in the Supreme Court set a precedent for tighter regulations?