Amount to be reflected as FCA of January, billed in March 2024

The Tragedy of the Truckanwalas

Three generations. Three murders. Endless blood disputes. What will become of Lahore’s criminal underworld after the murder of Balaj Tipu?

The cost of non-renewable energy and missed opportunities– K-Electric’s failure to deploy renewable energy is expensive

K-Electric could have saved over $200 million had it adopted renewable energy in its generation fleet

With an eye on profits and a focus on sustainability, HBL launches agricultural subsidiary

The first non-financial subsidiary of a bank to get approval from the SBP, HBL Zarai has already been approached by the SIFC and is set to work with the government of Punjab as well as small farmers

Has UBL paved the way for other banks to maximize arbitrage opportunities?

The recent financials of the banking juggernaut unveil a significant risk appetite

The magic pill for the pharma sector

Will the deregulation in drug pricing policy prove to be the long awaited cure for the pharmaceutical industry?

If the economy has any chance of surviving, the political instability must end

The first indications that a hung parliament will cause economic tremors in Pakistan have become apparent. An announcement from...

Dime-store Democracy

There is an election around the corner we hear. This Thursday all of the country’s registered voters will have...

A policy abyss

Pakistan is stuck in a low-growth trap. The population is growing at a rate of 2.5 percent per annum, while economic...

Climate check: can Pakistan add more cars without impacting the environment?

An influx of 350,000 cars is expected every five years: here’s what we can do about it

Mr Chief Minister, please rest! 

Mohsin Naqvi is a one-man army. Should we not have some sympathy for this overworked hero and relieve some of his burdens?

Pakistan’s auto industry has a bright future. Here’s why

Cautious optimism for the auto industry in 2024: Understanding the driving forces

Rifts in Cabinet, Vested Interests, Arm Twisting | Inside the IMF directed gas price hike | Profit

Everyone is cribbing and complaining about the gas price increase except one voice from within the fertiliser industry. So what gives?

Padel Tennis | Fastest Growing Sport in the world. Can it take root in Pakistan? | Profit

It stands as the world’s fastest-growing sport, with over 25 million players as of 2023, across 110 countries. And by some estimations, it will...

Empowering Women Nano-Influencers in Pakistan | Featured in Profit

Discover how organizations like CIRCLE are empowering women nano-influencers in Pakistan to challenge stereotypes and thrive in the digital sphere. Watch as these determined...

Is there corruption in media industry? | Raihan Merchant | Profit Profiles

Chairman and CEO of Z2C Pakistan Raihan Ali Merchant shares his inspiring journey, challenges and successes he encountered. Don't miss this insightful discussion. 

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Pakistan owes a lot of money to the world. Can it be paid back in time?

The mounting external debt liability has created a sense of claustrophobia, putting a stranglehold on Pakistan's economy

Time of Death: Pakistan’s Super-App Dream

The top three contenders of superapps in Pakistan have come a long way since they started on this road. How are they faring?

The Grand Economic Debate

Profit imagines what a debate between the major political parties would look like to help voters decide which vision of the economy they most closely align with

Food ministry officials caught clearing 117 metric tons of infested chickpeas

Three DPP officials, including one Director of Administration & Quarantine, have been arrested

Not the first time: PTI plans to throw spanner in IMF talks

Party’s founder announces he will address a letter to the IMF asking them to halt the programme over alleged rigging

Caretaker govt claims credit for lowering borrowings

Expenditure rationalisation and revenue mobilisation seen as the salient features of the caretaker economic policy 

Indus Motors on the path to recovery

The company has seen an improvement in its half year results and announced further investment in Pakistan