From the original generation of Pakistanis, Avari was a shrewd businessman and a faithful community leader. But what does the Pakistan he leaves behind look like?

Dollar rate defies expectations, but what’s the real story?

LAHORE: Despite a tense start to the morning in Pakistan’s foreign currency market, the dollar rate in Pakistan defied expectations and managed not to...

Rupee continues to depreciate in interbank and the open market

ISLAMABAD: The US Dollar starts from where it left off yesterday. At the closing time, the State Bank reported the interbank exchange rate of dollars to be at Rs....

Exclusive: A blow-by-blow account of Monday’s blackout

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, a catastrophic failure in the national grid caused the worst electrical outage in months across the country, crippling life and spotlighting the country's ageing energy infrastructure....

Dollar Cap, IMF, Ishaq Dar and ECAP; A week of showdowns at the exchange market

Who won and was it worth it? An account of how the Dar-peg got removed in a week

The paradox of Pakistan’s bureaucracy

Sweeping the dirt of financial discrepancies under the carpet of red tape is a money-making scheme as old as the bureaucracy itself

The looming antibiotic conundrum

Global health is bracing for yet another crisis. This time it’s not a novel virus, but resistance against antibiotics. And countries like Pakistan are at the front-and-centre

Funding vs execution – lessons for Pakistan

Pakistan in 2023 secured billions in pledges to help recover from floods, but the case of a $100 million project from 2020 in Karachi is a stark reminder that a lot go wrong during execution

Between Dar and Atif, there is a field; I will meet you there

Treat your Ferrero Rochers the way you do your oil imports. Let them be imported indiscriminately and forget this...

Avoiding Babylon

In the next decade, something monumental will happen. Somewhere either in a noisy Lahore suburb, a quiet village in...

Borrowing from the public

The sovereign remains the biggest borrower in the country, making up more than 70 percent of all banking assets, either borrowing...

Of Councils and Chambers

Do various business lobby groups operating in Pakistan represent the rentier economy?

Interest Free Economy

Pakistan is no stranger to debt.  It currently has total debt of PKR 50 trillion, of which roughly PKR 33 trillion...

Miftah, bol ke lab azaad hain tere 

It is embarrassing, really, for the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N). In their short stint in government, they have had two...



Who is Punjab’s caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi? | Profit Profiles

We take a look at Punjab’s caretaker CM, who is a bit of an innovator when it comes to Pakistan’s news media industry.

From $250 to $78 billion: the Infosys story

We look at the humble beginnings of Infosys, India’s behemoth IT firm, which played a pivotal role in making India the global IT powerhouse...

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We look at the history Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. In fact, the largest company in the world, period.

Why is the government chickening away from chicken?

The government doesn‘t want you eating chicken. Here’s all you need to know

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With the central bank finally issuing NOCs for setting up digital banks, Profit looks at the contenders and their intentions

Buying influence

In the latest turn in the Chakri real estate saga, the people behind Blue World City have acquired a television channel. But why?

Why is the government chickening away from chicken?

The government doesn‘t want you eating chicken. Here’s all you need to know

The war for scraps

Already punch-drunk from censorship and changing times, a large crack has appeared within the print media industry over the most important issue there is — money

Breaking the habit: will the government let the rupee go?

Trying to control the exchange rate has been one of Pakistan’s biggest macroeconomic policy blunders since Partition. Will the Imran Khan Administration break the cycle, or will they fall prey to their baser instincts?

QR codes did not bring a payments revolution. That doesn’t mean it’s over

Writing an obituary for QR codes might be jumping the gun

Is the PSL good business? For the PCB, yes. For the teams, not so much

The implementation of a new revenue sharing model has the hopes of the franchises up. But do some of them even want to run it like a business?

Pakistan’s private equity potential

Profit explains what private equity is, and talks to some of the major stakeholders about the future