With imperfect data and complex definitions of class, Profit tries to determine what it means to be middle-class, and why people want it to be their origin story

Pizza Hut is set to be sold. But what went wrong with the fast food franchise? 

LAHORE: After months of being shuttered, the franchises of Pizza Hut and Burger King are set to re-open in Pakistan after a change in...

$8.3bn rollover for maturing obligations expected: SBP governor 

In a podcast hosted by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the central bank’s governor Jameel Babar stated that Pakistan expects another $8.3 billion rollover for maturing obligations as...

Govt likely to remove Aamir Khan as SECP chairman: sources

ISLAMABAD: A change in the top spot at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is in the offing as the government is likely to remove Aamir Khan...

Why are $300 million worth of oilseeds stuck at Port Qasim?

Bureaucratic red-taping may result in an uptick in the prices of essential food commodities

The meat experts are back in business

Despite recent liquidity issues and a tough economic environment, Al Shaheer is looking forward to a highly profitable year

Image of health, much?

Image Pakistan, a fabrics manufacturer dealing in embroidered fabrics and ready to wear products for women, has recently obtained a stay order against SECP’s probes. Why would a company do such a thing if it has nothing to hide?

The SBP is verbal

Any two-bit relationship therapist will be able to tell you one simple, oft-repeated, common knowledge mantra about life: Communication is key. This is as...

Climate change vs Governance

Above all else, the flooding disaster to hit Pakistan is about climate change

Lessons from the fall of Airlift

AIrlift’s fall was inevitable. Once the darling of the Pakistani startup ecosystem, its downfall was a mixture of unfortunate...

Understanding the Black Forest cake

This week, Profit’s cover story chronicles not just the metrics that can be used to figure out what income group constitutes...

Fiscal Federalism

Let me start with a question. What does the first article  of the Constitution say? Is it about Islam, democracy or...

The fallacy of fixing prices

Our policymaking over the last few decades, if not more, has largely been devoid of any rational economic thought.  Economic problems...

Sedative Electricity Reforms

The current electricity strategy pursued by the Government under the garb of reforms is not in the best interest of the...



Blood money: the market for plasma | Profit Urdu

We look at the surprisingly large - and unsurprisingly macabre - market for plasma in the United States.

“No, you’re not middle-class!” | Profit Explains

We look at the surprisingly large number of upper-class elite that want to be seen to be a part of the middle-class.

Why did the US fall behind China in cellphone production?

The top brand may be designed in the US but they are manufactured in China. We look at how that came to be.

The history of Rolls Royce | Profit Profiles

We look at the exception Mr Rolls, Mr Royce and the early years of the iconic company that they built together.

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The world listened at COP27, but will Pakistan step up?

Loss and damages were high on the agenda this year but Pakistan must also plan on how they mean to spend the money if it comes their way

The motorcycle story

By far the most commonly driven vehicle in Pakistan, the humble motorcycle has a long, fascinating, history

The fate of Naya Pakistan Housing

Four years in, barely any work has been done on the once ambitious project

How to break Pakistan’s Dubai addiction

The rupture in relations between Pakistan and the UAE is bad – both for the country’s citizens and for the government – but it can also be an opportunity for Pakistanis to finally stop using Dubai as a financial haven

How big is the Pakistani middle class?

The number of people in the country who reach this point every year varies, as does the number of people who fall out of it. A place in the middle class in Pakistan, like all things related to the economy, is quite volatile and precarious

Is a third LNG terminal just a pipe dream?

No hot water, no gas heaters, and no gas for cooking in peak winters. What in the world is going on?

No PM, you’re wrong. We can afford a shutdown. Here’s how

A combination of cash transfers and government stimulus is necessary and doable as a temporary response to prevent massive loss of life and permanent damage to the nation's healthcare infrastructure