With the fate of the Ravi in the balance, is it time to let the project die?

TCS shuts down eCommerce business Yayvo.com, takes impairment loss of Rs1.2bn 

LAHORE: After a series of half-hearted attempts to sell off its eCommerce business, Yayvo.com, TCS has finally decided to pull the plug and shut...

Eurobonds slump amidst debt relief confusion

KARACHI: Pakistan’s dollar bonds, or Eurobonds, slumped internationally on Friday as Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif went on record stating that Pakistan needs debt relief. According to details, the Eurobond yielding...

The new price of petrol

ISLAMABAD: Fuel prices in Pakistan have increased yet again. According to the latest price notification announced by the government on September 21, fuel price has been hiked by Rs1.45....

The state of Punjab’s industries

Amidst political wrangling, the country’s largest province aims to keep industrial growth on track with policy continuity and innovation

You’re not an industry, telcos told

A bid by telecommunications companies to change their power tariff from commercial to industrial shot down, and they’re not happy about it

The KIA Carnival: A curious case of seats and customs

The Carnival looks to take on the big boys of the automobile market on its own terms

Everyone aboard the solar express?

You would think that the announcement from any government anywhere in the world that they were installing 10,000 MW of solar energy and entering...

Climate change vs Governance

Above all else, the flooding disaster to hit Pakistan is about climate change

Lessons from the fall of Airlift

AIrlift’s fall was inevitable. Once the darling of the Pakistani startup ecosystem, its downfall was a mixture of unfortunate...

Debt, Climate, and Moral Hazard

Pakistan has an external debt of more than US$ 99.9 billion, of which US$ 9.2 billion is owed to the Paris...

Tapping into the Green Climate Fund

Pakistan is suffering from one of its worst natural calamities. In all the pain and agony, a viral video of a...

To recover from the floods, the right investments must be made

As floodwaters recede, the devastation caused by the floods across Pakistan, particularly in Sindh and Balochistan, is becoming more and more...

Indexing the sun

The reduction in capital costs associated with solar energy and consequent drop in generation cost on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis...



Readers’ Response: Dams – Dangerous, Inefficient, Expensive

Dr Hassan Abbas’s video op-ed making the case against dams led to quite a spirited debate in the comments section across our various platforms....

What in the world is RUDA doing? | Featured in Profit

With the fate of the Ravi in the balance, is it time to let the project die?

Scrappy, cunning, and unrelenting – how Faisal Movers dethroned Daewoo | Featured in Profit

There has been a silent transition in the inter-city bus business. This is the story of how it happened.

The mechanics behind the panadol shortage | Featured in Profit

Raids, hoarding and over regulating — You probably need a Panadol to figure out what’s going on.

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Scrappy, cunning, and unrelenting – how Faisal Movers dethroned Daewoo

There has been a silent transition in the inter-city bus business. This is the story of how it happened

The barefaced lies of New Metro City

The pet project of property mogul Malik Riaz’s grandson, New Metro City Gujar Khan is a ...

Crop Talk: The many ways onions make you cry

The impact of the destruction of the onion crop will be far reaching in Pakistan

Death, devastation, and now starvation — what is the cost of this catastrophe?

With the cotton crop decimated and food inflation set to hit, will we do anything about climate change or sit and watch until the next catastrophe?

Going the Thar route

After decades of policy shifts on the energy front, will Pakistan go towards domestic coal to avoid the bloodbaths of the spot markets?

How to break Pakistan’s Dubai addiction

The rupture in relations between Pakistan and the UAE is bad – both for the country’s citizens and for the government – but it can also be an opportunity for Pakistanis to finally stop using Dubai as a financial haven

IMF – Back to square 1

More rate hikes, currency depreciation, taxes, expenditure restraints are now on the cards as the government finally moves to unwind its stimulus measures and return to stabilization with the resumption of the IMF program.

Love, financial fraud, smuggling and murder – the tragedy of Seth Abid’s family

Seth Abid was larger than life. But his family’s fortunes have been sullied by a string of crimes - both financial and personal.