If the economy has any chance of surviving, the political instability must end

The first indications that a hung parliament will cause economic tremors in Pakistan have become apparent. An announcement from the IMF made...

Dime-store Democracy

There is an election around the corner we hear. This Thursday all of the country’s registered voters will have the opportunity to...

Manifesto season?

With a fortnight left for the polls, two major parties come up with manifestoes

Shake-up at a start-up

The exit of Daraz’s CEO doesn’t just mean a shake-up there, but shows how start-ups need to double down

Staying out of power

The Cabinet has rejected PMUs but has no solution for DISCOs

Manifesto casualness

Of the major parties, the PML(N) has not even released a manifesto, while the others are cagey about the economy

In the world of cricket India is a bully, and Pakistan their only opposition

Massive economic potential is being wasted only because both India and Pakistan have highly politicised cricket boards

On the economy’s new ‘technocratic’ caretakers

PM Kakar’s cabinet will be in the driving seat for the foreseeable future. To do any good they must hold fast to their limitations

After the deal

In its latest monetary policy statement the State Bank of Pakistan decided to keep the discount rate unchanged. The policy rate has...
Asif Ali Zardari

A Zardari masterclass

For the past few months, Asif Ali Zardari has been camped in Lahore. And he hasn’t been sitting idly twiddling his thumbs...

Dear reader, we’ll be talking in lakhs and crores from now on

Forgive us for how long this has taken, but we did put a lot of thought into this decision. From now on...

2023-2024 Budget

The Budget 2023-2024 was presented under constraints coming from all directions, and posed an almost insoluble problem for the Finance Minister. The...

Record inflation and the journey there

Little can be achieved from fixating on when the rot started to set in. What is needed is a focus on where we stand and what can now be done

The signs of collapse

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that inflation is hurting badly. One just needs to be a shopper with a...

Interest rate hiked

The State Bank of Pakistan’s Monetary Policy Committee on Wednesday increased the benchmark interest rate 100 basis points, to 21 percent, in...