This company is about to get a licence to buy local gas to sell to corporations privately. Not everyone is happy

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Sher Afzal Marwat has locked horns with Lucky Cement over how they spend their CSR money. Does he have a point?

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The budget has quashed any rumors about high taxes on stock market earnings. What does the ensuing rally mean for the year to come?

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The govt is punishing filers and non-filers alike. The only difference is the latter might manage to escape

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Changes to look out for in the banking sector for the next fiscal year

Banks to pay higher effective taxes as the government disallows provisions to be treated as expenses

The IMF has raised the alarm bell on Pakistan’s microfinance sector. Where does it stand?

Microfinance in Pakistan is in dire straits and has become a bit of a ticking time bomb because of the high risk of loan defaults and Covid era damages

A little known Pakistani company is suing Zoom for over $2 million. What in the world is happening?

Pakistani tech company D-Tech Consultancy has filed a $2.2 million lawsuit against US tech giant Zoom, claiming they are owed over a million dollars in unpaid commissions