Media Times, the Taseer-owned media conglomerate, consider selling off their TV channels

Both Business Plus and Zaiqa will be converted into wholly owned subsidiaries, with the group still deciding on divestiture

When is the right time to buy a home?

Several factors influence the right time to buy a home, but most of them revolve around personal preferences rather than circumstances

Is the $1 billion Pakistan advertising industry ready for the cookie erosion?

Do advertisers and agencies in Pakistan want to be proactive by acquiring first-party data and by testing universal ID solutions, or would they rather be held hostage by Google and Facebook for eternity?

As Iranian petrol smuggling threatens to cause another shortage, PSO turns its head

With the FATF breathing down Pakistan’s neck, PSO needs to get its act together and vet petroleum suppliers more diligently.

FAP vs PFA: Who has the right credentials to lead Pakistan’s fintech industry?

Fintech companies have lacked an association to lobby for them. Now they have two, and they’re fighting each other.

After Karachi floods, revenues and profits decline sharply for Naya Nazimabad

The publicly listed housing development suffers from atrocious rain mismanagement, and its sales numbers reflect eroding confidence on the part of prospective buyers

Unity Foods is investing Rs2 billion in Pakistanis’ growing appetite for pizzas

The former textile company is looking to expand its flour subsidiary due to growing demand for pizzas and pastas

For those that died in the PSX attack, restitution remains a distant dream

Did the PSX or anyone put in 12 minutes to even think about the individuals that lost their lives during a cowardly attack on the PSX?

China-Pakistan FTA has opened up China’s market for Pakistani businesses, but will they bite?

The dream to tap into the Chinese market was diminished because the CPFTA was not working out. Will CPFTA-II bring better things?

HBL invests Rs500 million into its asset management subsidiary

Will the HBL Asset Management actually grow, along with Pakistan’s nascent capital markets?

Berger Paints: stagnant at best, losing market share at worst

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has four million followers on Instagram, and a devoted fan base. Berger Paints made roughly four billion rupees...

Once a squalid refugee camp, Jalozai to become a real estate development

For decades, Jalozai has been synonymous with putrid conditions and has been a symbol of the Afghan wars. Will SEZ status and a renewed interest in the area give Jalozai a new lease on life?

The birth, life, and death of the Lahore Parking Company

Lahore’s parking infrastructure is in shambles, and the LePark has not helped make things any better. But will wrapping it up do anything?

How Agha Steel plans to tech-disrupt the Pakistani steel industry

The steel manufacturing company is about to conduct Pakistan’s third IPO of the year and could be the largest Steel IPO in 5 years. What does Hussain Agha, the young CEO have planned up his sleeve?

Why renegotiating the IPP contracts may cause more problems than it solves

The government is effectively saying that its word is only good as long as it remains in power; in addition, it is clear that some power plants were more equal than others in the renegotiation process