The week everyone thought PIA was no longer a going concern

Some phenomena in life are so ingrained in our minds that we take them for granted: the Earth’s roundness, the sun’s faithful...

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Why size matters in the stock exchange in terms of risk management

Skin whitening: A lucrative business indeed, but at what cost to the consumer?

Elaborate marketing campaigns and an unhealthy social obsession with lighter skin tones continues to generate sales and new customers

After Daewoo and K-Electric, why is AsiaPak interested in Bol News?

There is only one reason to buy a television channel in this day and age: influence. But could Bol’s baggage be too much to handle?

Why are Pakistani startups incorporating HoldCos abroad?

Considering the preconceived notions about holding companies abroad, what are the implications of this policy?

Sugar rush — Why are prices so high?

Pakistan’s sugar supply chain is broken. What can be done?

Some government employees are enjoying free electricity. Should they continue to do so?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. However, not all fires need a fire extinguisher

Non-filers by choice

The term non-filer exists all over the world but in Pakistan we have non-filers by choice rather than circumstance. Why is that?

Dollar Danda: How the currency market was tamed and why it won’t work

The open market went into a tailspin. This is how it was reined in

Mondelēz: Coming to a shaadi, and eid near you. At least that’s what they’re hoping for

Is an endless balance sheet, and demographics enough to shift cultural trends?

The company that cried IPO

Dalda, the largest player in Pakistan’s edible oil industry, has wanted to go public for years. What is stopping them?

How one of Pakistan’s oldest banks cleaned up its act

Despite a dearth of problems ranging from bureaucratic issues to getting banned from engaging in business altogether, the bank managed to stand tall and steered itself from a state of losses to profits

The PMEX has grand plans, including digital gold trading. Can it be a success?

The Exchange aims to offer smaller investors a “hassle-free” way to invest in gold without ever worrying about physical storage

Creating a creators’ ecosystem. Can Daraz make its affiliate program work?

Daraz’s Influencer Hub facilitates the collaboration of brands with social media content creators, the e-commerce platform attempts to reap the benefits of influencer loyalty

Our corn industry suffers from a ma(i)ze of problems, and it’s set to miss out on a gold rush

We’re surprisingly very good at it, but just not good enough for the largest buyer on a shopping spree