CCP warns social media influencers, endorsers against deceptive marketing practices

Comprehensive guidelines issued to make sure influencers stay away from deceptive marketing

Data usage jumped 25pc, revenue from voice traffic declined 10pc during lockdown

ISLAMABAD:  Apart from other impacts of the outbreak of coronavirus, the lockdowns and work from home initiatives have also changed the consumers’...

Tania Aidrus’s big bet on creating a Digital Pakistan

It started, as things often do in Pakistan, with a WhatsApp forward. On Thursday, December 5, a group of Pakistanis living in...

Innovation, technology key to sustainable growth for economy: Bizfest18

LAHORE: Google Business Group (GBG) on Saturday held the #Bizfest18 where experts from various industries participated in panel discussions about the state...

Zanroo will allow Pakistani social media marketers to ‘listen’ to you

Thai social media platform is launching its multilingual social listening tool in Pakistan