The catch 22 of working in a male-dominated profession

Men are promoted on potential, women on performance

TikTok is a data collection service pretending to be a social network

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Cognitive Real Estate: The Most Exclusive Properties on the Market

This is not meant to sting. But it will

How can influencers evade exploitation from advertisers?

As advertising continues to pivot towards influencers, they need to look out for themselves

Jo Banain Gai Khain Gai (We will eat what we make)

The main focus of our economic policy should be efficient production of exportable goods and agricultural products. Our standard of living faces a collapse due to a lack of industrial and agricultural production

Do we need a Google financial office in Pakistan?

During a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue, an FBR representative stated that it had warned digital...

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Can online petitions signing bring PayPal to Pakistan?

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Inflationary tactics

If you’re going to increase the money supply, at least divide it more equitably

Budget 2021: Treating online marketplaces as retailers is a disaster waiting to happen

The proposed amendment to the Sales Tax Act puts undue burden on online marketplaces, and will have larger implications for ‘Digital Pakistan.’

Other People’s Money, the best kind of money

Sitting on other people’s money till next Monday can net you a tidy sum. That can be good and bad

The whitespace in the $2 billion advertising industry of Pakistan

The urge to create relatively demanded goods along with services is the most challenging task out there.

Are you an influencer? Here’s how to avoid being held hostage by advertisers and platforms

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Why isn’t the PTA worried about the data of Pakistani citizens being misused?

As Pakistanis’ digital footprint grows, so do the threats to the confidential details of its citizens. Without data protection laws in place, bad actors in India may be able to misuse Pakistani citizens’ private data that they should not even have access to