Exchange Traded Funds: An Opportunity Lost?

Only four equity ETFs have been launched, and their market volumes have been dismal

What the frenzy over Clubhouse reminds us about brand strategy

In the New York Times Bestseller “The Four” by Professor Scott Galloway of the NYU Stern School of Business, the trillion-dollar valuation...

How a public-private partnership model will achieve import deletion

If the government hears PAAPAM out, their automotive model can work for Public sector bodies and corporations

Break the monopolies!

Can shortsighted governments deliver the one-step economic reform agenda Pakistan needs for the long term: Eradicate monopolies and cartels, in both, the public and private sector?

Here’s how we fix Pakistan’s SOE problem

Privatization or legislation, we must address the root of the problem

Tackling the Multi-Headed Energy Hydra

Fixing one problem causes three more

Pakistan needs to fix its electricity network. Here’s one way

Technology must be on the forefront of how we choose to deal with this problem

Provincial subjects and their discontents

For all of the good it has done, the 18th amendment has not been properly utilized and implemented by the provinces, particularly in the case of taxation and labour welfare

Rebuild Karachi

The city’s decline may have much to do with a lack of political ownership, but the situation cannot be allowed to continue. The way out is for the business community to step up with a common agenda

The lucrative business of being white in Pakistan

If you’re white and your career isn’t going anywhere, Pakistan is your second lease on life

2020 – An obituary

As we say goodbye to the year, we will remember it mainly for the massive disruption it brought. 

The economics of a greener coal in Thar Coalfields

Coal may be the dirtiest fuel, but there exist several viable options to continue using indigenous coal while reducing carbon emissions

The fortune at the bottom of the digital pyramid

It is time to recognise that access to the internet being equitable is good for business

Why Pakistan needs a national digital authentication app

In the process of solving old problems, we cannot afford to create new ones

Not all banks!

Recently, I had an opportunity to read Profit Issue #113 and the cover story ‘The discriminatory hiring practices of Islamic Banks: Is...