Living on the edge

Pakistani start-ups face a difficult future as international venture capital funds dry up

Re-orienting consumption

Fixing the imported fuel problem

Reconfiguring the economy

Stuck in a low-growth loop

Governance system for local governments – Part 2

Within the political dimension, the provincial governments should devolve the following functions completely to the local governments: one, school education up to...

In the world of cricket India is a bully, and Pakistan their only opposition

Massive economic potential is being wasted only because both India and Pakistan have highly politicised cricket boards

Governance system for local governments – Part 1

Devolution, decentralization and financial delegation

On the economy’s new ‘technocratic’ caretakers

PM Kakar’s cabinet will be in the driving seat for the foreseeable future. To do any good they must hold fast to their limitations

Renting out the agricultural sector

There are two major changes taking place in Pakistan’s agriculture sector as we speak. The first is the recent decision of the...

After the deal

In its latest monetary policy statement the State Bank of Pakistan decided to keep the discount rate unchanged. The policy rate has...

Ultimate Finance Champion

Now that Ishaq Dar’s name has been floated and retracted by the news media of the country, it is safe to say...

Fixing pay and pensions

250 million people exist to pay the salaries of government employees

The cascade effect

Going by the latest power tariff hike, the shape of things to come is ugly

Startup failures in Pakistan and the role of founders

My perspective as a founder who has seen both success and failures in his journey may help some of the critics see things in a different light

There is an IMF standby agreement, but what next?

Solving our balance of payments challenge

Solarizing household energy

Throwing a lifeline to lifeline electricity consumers