Demographic liability

It’s very difficult to educate hungry children

The volatility premium

Compensating for the risk of doing business in Pakistan

Record inflation and the journey there

Little can be achieved from fixating on when the rot started to set in. What is needed is a focus on where we stand and what can now be done

Changing how Pakistanis commute and think about commuting

This February marked a decade of Lahore’s BRT service. But what can we learn from the past to better our mass transit future?

Price Fixing

The government is obsessed with fixing prices, whether that be of the most basic staples, fuel, or medicine – it wants to...

The bad economics of cross-subsidising fuel

A bad idea that should be shelved, at least, for the time being

The signs of collapse

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that inflation is hurting badly. One just needs to be a shopper with a...

Does your portfolio suffer from home bias?

Investors’ resounding preference for their home markets remains one of the great puzzles of the investment world

It’s takes two to tango

Progressive Banking and Business Community

Provincialization of electricity distribution companies

Restructuring only way to achieve optimal efficiency

Flipping the script

Devolving political and economic powers to local level can treat what ails Pakistan’s fledgling economy

Interest rate hiked

The State Bank of Pakistan’s Monetary Policy Committee on Wednesday increased the benchmark interest rate 100 basis points, to 21 percent, in...

Secure your financial future – Retail Investing

How to secure your financial future is one of the most important questions on everyone’s mind. Many of us save some portion...

Defining Sethism

Besides the well-understood issues of capital constraints, budget deficits and lack of planning, the economy is chained by Sethism

Pakistan’s economy under Musharraf

Economic achievements in difficult circumstances during former president Pervez Musharraf‘s regime are dismissed outright because of abhorrence of the military rule, imposition...