Why isn’t the PTA worried about the data of Pakistani citizens being misused?

As Pakistanis’ digital footprint grows, so do the threats to the confidential details of its citizens. Without data protection laws in place, bad actors in India may be able to misuse Pakistani citizens’ private data that they should not even have access to

Putting women at the center of Asia’s pandemic recovery

Bridging the gender divide is crucial to economic recovery and prosperity

Pakistan’s ticking pension time bomb

The government must change its pension plans unless it wants to buckle under the weight of pension liabilities

Unlocking creativity that resonates with Pakistan audiences in the time of corona

Last year’s initial lockdown led to a surge of in-home entertainment as a source of distraction and entertainment. And while time spent...

Why a Master Data Management project is the way to go

If we can protect our data and do this right, everyone from businesses to govt departments will win

FBR and Regulatory Technology

A licensing regime built around e-Intermediaries by FBR can help the Board in transcending its technological and resource constraints

A checklist for CMOs interested to export with Amazon

The advertising industry in Pakistan is shifting focus to digital marketing in eCommerce, transforming the retail industry, and the way in which...

Learning from history: How to protect Pakistan from Amazon’s antitrust practices

The sellers need to remember that Amazon is not just an opportunity, it is the competition

Pakistan wins over Amazon: De-coding another dream

There was celebration all over the country when Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood tweeted that Pakistan will before long be added to...

The fault in our auditing environment

ICAP can no longer in good faith act both as institutions and regulator

Dr Hafeez Shaikh’s scorecard

Despite the less than warm welcome he received from everyone, Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has left the economy better than he found it

eCommerce Awards 2021 – How, Why & What’s Next

Pakistan’s eCommerce industry is tiny! The global average for eCommerce transactions as a percentage of total retail is in the 15% range...

An open letter to the chief blocking officer at the PTA

Who knew that in the age of technology, solutions exist that negate the need to blanket ban apps just so a few sociopaths can’t coordinate their desire to channel the devil while he’s locked up? Public affairs teams need to step up their game or hire a local expert to represent them

Exchange Traded Funds: An Opportunity Lost?

Only four equity ETFs have been launched, and their market volumes have been dismal

What the frenzy over Clubhouse reminds us about brand strategy

In the New York Times Bestseller “The Four” by Professor Scott Galloway of the NYU Stern School of Business, the trillion-dollar valuation...