Future Fest – let’s not repeat that in the future

Marred by political uncertainty and a crushing heatwave, a lot can be learned from the event

Taxing crypto-currency

Is it possible to devise an effective tax regime for the emerging asset class?

Are withholding taxes holding back businesses?

Pakistan’s Federal Tax System is a huge puzzle that seems to get more complicated as the time passes. In the last 2...

Hey Shehri Babu – Climate Change is coming for more than your mangoes

This year’s mango saga should stand as a warning - climate change is real and it is urgent

The final frontier – Renewable energy

At the very least, solar energy should provide a solution to the domestic sector energy crisis

In seeking to come into power, did Shehbaz Sharif make a mistake?

It has been more than one month since the new government led by Shehbaz Sharif was sworn into office, and they are...

Will Cash Margins curtail imports at the cost of digitisation?

The current account deficit is in dire straits. But what are we willing to give up on for its sake?

As Tajikistan’s Alif Bank plans entry into the Pakistani market, uncertainty for Digital Banks looms

In Punjab’s rural south, landlords of nobility stature and ones that are moneyed are received by bank managers at their respective branches....

Regulating capital formation

Capital formation has become an essential part of the strategy for growing modern day businesses. The capital markets provide these business opportunities...

VRG is seeking Rs1bn to capture the unbanked. What makes it tick?

If you are an investor, would you place your bet on a fintech company that has based its business case on what...

Is the broadcaster about to don the banker hat?

Buying a bank is one of many steps in making it big in Pakistan. Will Salman Iqbal succeed?

Faysal Asset Management Company – Redefining investment

Faysal Asset Management has had a good few years. Back in 2018, it was a relatively small operation with a Rs 7.3...

Unaccounted for Gas: Unaccountable System

The economy is in a tough spot and every dollar saved counts. Unaccounted for gas is a frontier often normalised and marginalised, it would cost the economy an estimated $1.5 billion if measures aren’t taken.

The Who, What, Where and Whys of OMOs

What are Open Market Operations?

The curious case of Bitcoin and safe-havens

Bitcoin is as mysterious as it is confusing. But how is its future tied with Pakistan?