Has the country finally embraced a progressive tax regime?

The budget attempts to take a step in the right direction but fails to go any significant distance.

The grim reality of oversubscription

The first IT sector company to get listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange’s (PSX) freshly constructed GEM board, Supernet, concluded its book-building...

Why aren’t we buying Russian oil?

Many other countries are benefitting. But a host of reasons make it difficult for Pakistan.

Squabbles, regulation and bans – the state of Pakistan’s mobile manufacturing industry

“The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.” This maxim by the towering 20th century economist Milton...

Under a new rule, the PTA seeks total internet control

Engineers warn of severe risks, as the regulator demands all DNS servers be localised.

The SBP is controlling car imports

The Rupee’s worrying free fall has led to the automobile industry being caught in the eye of the storm. Designated as one...

Where did all the Burnol go?

The household product is missing from pharmacies in Pakistan. But its brand recall still holds

Budget season – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

Budget season was upon us over the course of the pat week, finally culminating in a relatively run-of-the-mill speech in parliament by...

Provinces to get 17pc additional share from federal divisible pool

While center has been crying for short of revenue to meet rising expenses after the 18th amendment in constitution, the provinces are...

Budgeting on hope

If ever a budget raised more questions than answers, this is it. Just consider some of the numbers. Revenue collection is to...

How the branding game has changed in Pakistan

There seems to have been a marked shift in the way that Pakistani companies are operating. Marketing strategies now have a greater...

ezBike: Revolutionizing Mobility or Just another startup?

The company aims to develop the EV ecosystem in the country but is it that EZ?

The 650bn rupee question: will monetary tightening bridge the divergence between monetary and fiscal policy?

When the government is being fiscally frivolous, is the interest rate the only way to make them stop?

The edible oil saga

A colonial past, an inhospitable environment, and failed agricultural policies have led us here today

What’s up on the PSX?

The stock market performance