Your salary does not get paid on time because the State Bank thinks bankers do not know how to do their jobs

How the central bank’s Prudential Regulations keep the banking sector from lending to the majority of the economy, and how it affects businesses and people

Shahid Nazir is waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to end, so he can conquer the world of denim

It takes some audacity to for a company with stagnating revenue to think that they have what it takes to displace Chinese...

An easy way for your daily Hysab Kytab

A question you may find yourself asking every month is where in the world did my money go. There is no shame...

Islamabad needs to grow, but a 60 year old ghost won’t let it

In 1960, Pakistan made the momentous move of shifting its capital from Karachi to Islamabad. Establishing a new center of power and...

This company wants to give your bank money…so it can pay for your house. But are the banks even interested?

Every night, an estimated 20 million Pakistanis go to sleep without a roof over their head. That is a whole...

Why exactly are cars so expensive in Pakistan?

Yes, it has to do with taxes, but there is more than meets the eye, and local manufacturing may be a bigger deal than you think

The pandemic is e-commerce’s time to shine. But will it last?

As the pandemic continues to spread in Pakistan, people are turning to e-commerce out of necessity. When this is all over, will it leave a lasting impact on how we shop?

Solar is the future, so might as well hurry

To have a burgeoning solar energy industry, it can be easy to think of more complicated things that a country needs to...

The Dollar: Buy, sell or hoard?

Profit explains the flaws with the old FX policy, what measures the PTI took to keep the market relatively stable and where the USD/PKR parity is headed in the short to medium term. 

Myths of the SBP: explained

As misconceptions roll in over what exactly is happening with the SBP desperately trying to keep the economy afloat, and Profit’s comment section is flooded with angry and confused paragraphs, we answer some FAQs about the central bank and its powers. 

Private hospitals should have been raking in the cash, instead they might just go bust

As the virus continues to spread in Pakistan, private hospitals are already feeling the crunch while telehealthcare platforms are looking to cash in

Bank spreads take a hit even before the COVID-19 pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, and before the drastic cut in interest rates, banking spreads were already experiencing a tough time. The weighted...

As retail takes the Covid-19 blow, how are companies like So Kamal planning to cope?

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes hold in Pakistan, much like the population, businesses are going in retreat, curling up in a corner...

The great life insurance swindle

How the industry has taken to selling it more as an investment and less as financial protection, often deceiving customers about the true nature of their product, shaking the public’s trust in a country that already has the lowest insurance penetration in the region