The cruel business of buying and selling lions

On the 2nd of August this year, Lahore’s Safari Park Zoo announced that it was auctioning off 12 African Lions. The news...

Emlaak: Pakistan’s first mutual fund marketplace

A mutual fund marketplace to drive up investor interest through housing all options under one roof

Pakistan’s gold is going nowhere for now

The SBP has rejected unsubstantiated claims that they were about to pledge their gold reserves, but is that even an option?

The attack of the SUVs

SUVs are replacing sedans as the automobile of choice in Pakistan, but will new entrants be able to defend the segment they created against a resurgent Big 3?

The fate of the Indus

Climate change is the latest threat to the Indus, and without immediate attention, there will be hell to pay

JazzCash, Mobilink’s favourite child?

The mobile financial services market has become significant for Jazz, and its success is one of the major things the company is betting on

If you like IT, put a ring on IT

The recent fall in IT exports, Pakistan’s great new hope, is a reality check posing a number of biting questions for the industry and authorities

Morinaga may be up for sale in Pakistan. The buyer? Morinaga

The business of infant formulas is a big one in Pakistan, and Morinaga is a big name in it

Shezan – What’s in a name?

A history steeped in troubles, tribulations, and complications is at a turning point with the settling of a 33-year-old case over the Shezan name

The life and times of Dr Ishrat Husain

In July 2021, nearly a year to this day, Dr Ishrat Hussain sent his resignation to the then prime minister, Imran Khan....

Telenor Impairment: Has the group lost hope?

Following this impairment, the recoverable amount of assets in Pakistan is estimated to be around $600 million down from $850 million

Pakistan’s history with external debt restructurings

Pakistan faces severe external financing challenges with rampant domestic political instability and higher rates in developed markets hitting capital inflows on the...

The Big Short: inside the exchange rate volatility in Pakistan

Monday, July 18, was going to be a difficult day by any reckoning given the headlines of the night before. Imran Khan’s...

Stuck in a loop – the week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

Petrol Pumps strike currently going ahead as announced for July 18 (Monday) they are protesting increasing operational costs and demanding an increase...

In its ambition to buy a bank, has Pakistan’s fintech poster-child killed itself?

In trying to make TAG the only fintech company with a full banking licence, Talal Ahmad Gondal may have made the worst mistake of his life. Profit looks at the entire TAG saga.