Pakistan’s economic conditions put PM Khan’s future in doubt

Housewife Maira Tayyab has considered begging for money to feed her family in inflation-hit Pakistan, while shop owner Mohammad Hanif finds his...

Pakistan’s mega city project worth $7bn turns shady

After the British divided Pakistan and India more than seven decades ago, Suleman Mohammad Sajjad Warraich’s father received a section of land...

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The first circular fashion startups are here. But will the market take the bait?

When the President cracked a billion rupee gag

Why would a government venture into the high-risk business of venture capital funds?

The mini budget is the price of failure

The real story is that the mini-budget would not have been necessary had our policymakers not doled out freebies to the elite in early FY22

Cnergyico leaps ahead of Shell and Total to become largest private-sector fuel retailer

The acquisition of Puma Energy Pakistan means that they are now the second largest fuel retailer after state-owned PSO

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Zia Chishti went quietly as the EGM spelled a shakeup for TRG

‘Black’ markets and google docs – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

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Attock’s eye-catching recovery

After recording its lowest net profit in nearly a decade last year, Attock has made a big comeback.

What does a financial crisis really look like?

Before using those words frivolously, it is a good idea to look at those countries that are actually passing through a financial crisis and what really got them there

Chinese petrol drive OMC profits

Mogas imports from China rose to 16pc of the total in 2021 under the CPFTA II, but could not prevent retail prices from reaching record highs

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As LGS faces an unlikely competitor from within, what will the shape of elite private education be in the future?

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A look at the proposed SBP Amendment Act that is meant to empower the central bank, and why it might not matter much, or for too long.

Will the India-model work for Pakistan’s EdTech startups?

Profit investigates if, despite very similar market conditions, replicating a Byju’s like model is a foregone conclusion for Pakistani EdTech startups?