Injection or not: the rupee slide explained

KARACHI: There is a lot of buzz surrounding the rupee’s slide against the dollar and more importantly of an injection by the...

FBR updates security software from Rs70 pirated CD bought from Dubai Plaza to free suite downloaded from

The Federal Board of Revenue has updated its cyber security system, which faced a massive hack a couple of weeks ago, up...

A book for the Dubai addicted

There are very few people that can make writing about business interesting. Generally speaking, writing is not an easy task. People talk,...

After years, Matco Foods makes a surprising loss

Production and administrative costs are what have spelled the downward trajectory

Why did Z2C Limited invest $2.7 million into Walee?

The investment comes less than a month before the launch of INCA by GroupM

Pakistan’s counterfeit medicine problem

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The how, what, and whys of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Everything you need to know about IPOs both as the owner of a company, and as a possible investor

Moonis Alvi: The Architect of Karachi’s Energy Future

In June 2018, Moonis Alvi was appointed CEO of K-Electric, succeeding Tayyab Tareen as the top executive of Pakistan’s only privatized power...

Pakistan becomes first country to be downgraded twice by MSCI

The downgrading might actually result in a big fish in a small pond effect for Pakistan

Art debate and email etiquette – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twittervers

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Another day, another fraudulent housing society

Like many others, the Grand Avenue Housing Project is based on lies and deception

Panther Tyres’ phenomenally good 2021

After finally being publicly listed, the tyre company has made a strong debut showing

Next Capital repeats the year 2017

In 2021, brokerage income stands at around 85% of total operating revenue, while investment banking only makes up 15%.

Can KIA be King, or do the Big 3 have another trick up their sleeve?

The KIA Sportage has single handedly breathed life into Pakistan’s automobile sector - and others could benefit from it

The seesaw of Covid-19 regulations that have pulverized the restaurant industry

With every new wave and every new variant, restaurants suffer a little more and there doesn’t seem any way out