Medialogic and PEMRA go head to head in LHC over forensic audit

The mystery behind Pakistan’s abysmal ranking in the ease of doing business index continues

Coffee Wagera – The story of a growing local franchise

Despite the pandemic, Mushtaq Panjwani has managed to sell a number of franchises

The advertising industry scrambles in wake of Amazon announcement

Within hours of the rumors, feasibility studies with regional support concluded that agencies need to start securing reseller relationships for the Amazon advertising unit and either build or resell the B2B technology that the market will eventually need

Dewan Cement is struggling. But why?

In what was supposed to be a record breaking year for the cement industry, Dewan continued to tank

Telecard is exploring an IPO for its subsidiary Supernet. Would it do any good?

A company based on innovation, with the passage of time, it has slowly become a relic of the past

Who owns Pakistan?

Ownership of the largest companies in Pakistan remains highly concentrated, but the wealth of the current economic elite may be a pair of golden handcuffs, keeping them invested in the industries of the past rather than looking to the future

Outlawed long ago, brick kiln bonded labour continues challenge the national conscience

The Punjab govt is on a crusade to end bonded labour. It is harder than they thought it would be

Get the vaccine and (maybe) be nicer to CSS officers – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twittervers

The week was dominated by CSS officers (both of the DMG and the Foreign Services persuasion) complaining about how mean everyone is...

The banking industry’s exceptionally good first quarter

A combination of increased deposits and declining provisioning expenses have resulted in spectacular quarterly financials

An activist investor takes Merit Packaging out for a spin

Ahmed Munaf, a self proclaimed activist investor, has made the Lakson Group turn its head and pay attention to its packaging business

Financial inclusion, Waqar Zaka, and the reign of twitter – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics twitterverse

Has the Twitter community finally had its voice heard in the corridors of power?

Media Times, the Taseer-owned media conglomerate, is still struggling

The company says that it plans to reinvent itself. Will the Taseers walk the talk?

Pakistani banks don’t lend to the private sector. For good reason

Banks are at a loss at how to deal with bad faith actors defaulting away – along with a sloth like judiciary that allows them to get away

Which public affairs strategy should tech unicorns use in Pakistan?

Instead of banning apps due to objectionable content, maybe collaborate?

Chakri’s real estate gang wars

Caught in an armed standoff, Blue World City and Abdullah City are fighting over land they don’t own, all while they continue to sell plots illegally