More taxes, less taxes – this week in Pakistan’s business and economics Twitterverse

This week we are troubled with rising petrol prices that have pretty much taken over the entire social media discourse on the...

The fall of a Chinese real estate giant could have far reaching consequences

This will lead to a fall in economic activities, which only hurts demand for scrap metal and copper

A guide to retirement benefits and how they work in Pakistan

There has never been a time when it was more important for employers and employees to know all their options

The rishta aunty business playbook

It isn’t quite a formal business sector yet, but in the near future it might be

Summit Bank’s annual results – three years later

The notifications tell us nothing new about the bank, so why all the secrecy?

ARY vs. Daraz; Which 2021 ICC T20 World Cup sponsorship deal is superior?

Having paid GroupM Pakistan roughly $1.5 million for the digital streaming rights of the 2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup, Alibaba-owned Daraz stands to earn $2 million from sponsorships alone and has floated a relatively superior proposal

What makes NAB interested in SadaPay?

A story of ego, malice, and two companies so bent on fighting the other, they do not care what it costs them

US-based NRD Capital set to open office in Pakistan eying investments in startups

Despite all of the recent attention, Pakistan has not had venture capital firms setting up offices in the country

In Murree’s outskirts, real estate gold lies squandered. Or does it?

The provision of facilities by the government will make it possible to turn the outskirts of Murree into developed tourist destinations and revamp tourism in the area

As covid seems to slow down, global oil demand begins to climb upwards

The world just wants the pandemic to be over. Every second government or even organization can be heard passing statements some few...

After nearly a century of success, Mahmood Group embarks on a retail dream

Nearly a century ago, Khawaja Muzaffar Mahmood set up his first leather tanning business. His son Khawaja Muhammad Masood along with his...

The legality, morality, and workings of offshore companies

In the wake of the Pandora Papers, it is important to try and understand how offshore companies work

Online landa – the Instagram ‘thrift store’ arbitrage racket

As the landa goes online, the demand for secondhand clothes increases, and so do the prices

With new competitors closing in on the Big Three, capex spending in auto industry surges

The entry of KIA and Huyndai and other new entrants into the market has meant big changes for the auto industry overall

What’s going with Naya Nazimabad?

The financial performance for the year declined as compared to the corresponding period on account of no new developments being launched during the period