The IMF has raised the alarm bell on Pakistan’s microfinance sector. Where does it stand?

Microfinance in Pakistan is in dire straits and has become a bit of a ticking time bomb because of the high risk of loan defaults and Covid era damages

PIA is up for sale, and there’s a six-way battle for who will take the prize

Four different airlines, power producers, and real estate developers are all in the running to buy PIA when the airline is finally privatised

A little known Pakistani company is suing Zoom for over $2 million. What in the world is happening?

Pakistani tech company D-Tech Consultancy has filed a $2.2 million lawsuit against US tech giant Zoom, claiming they are owed over a million dollars in unpaid commissions

After digital financial services, could startup acceleration be the new passion of Pakistani telcos?

Telenor Velocity is an accelerator that is hoping to help galvanise the telco into diversifying at a time when their original business is in freefall

Our tax Babus keep beating the same dead horse again and again. Here’s how it affects the stock market

The tax authority looks to constantly squeeze the same sources of taxation rather than looking for newer ones

The PIA’s stock exchange chaos

The recent delisting of the company has shown vulnerabilities in the system that need to be addressed

K-Electric’s new owners still haven’t gotten management control. What will be left to control by the time they’re up to bat?

It has been more than a year since Shaheryar Chishty bought KE. Why hasn’t he gotten management control, and will he be inheriting a different company from the one he bought?

The govt is getting desperate to collect tax revenue. But they’re being desperate in all the wrong places

The new Tax Laws (Amendment) Act, 2024 has changed how tax cases are dealt with. While this may unlock some money, it doesn’t help widen the tax net

Another day, another bright idea from our taxmen

Blocking the sims of 500,000+ people may sound simple but how much sense does it make?

Can Treet Corporation overcome its beard problem?

Treet Corporation was set to be Pakistan’s next big conglomerate after it diversified into different industries. So far, this is how it has played out

The Rise of GT Road Megalopolis: Unchecked Urban Development in Punjab

The heat is punishing in the Punjab. As the heatwave takes over Pakistan’s Grand Trunk districts, it is worth reflecting on how...

Already discounted, the KIA Sportage is selling for another lakh less

Dealerships are offering discounts as they try to achieve sales targets

In conversation with inDrive’s Daniil Petin

What does Pakistan’s mobility space hold for tech companies, and how does inDrive plan to grow?

A carbon tax on petrol would appease the IMF, and possibly decimate the salaried classes. Here’s why it may be our best bet

A carbon tax on petrol makes good economic sense for the federation. It does not, however, fall in line with the Pakistani government’s Santa Claus mentality. Which argument will prevail?

From profitable highs to equity injection calls, what went down with U Microfinance Bank in 2023?

The bank’s profitability has taken a hit post corrective measures initiated on SBP’s behest