Too little, too late? SBP unveils anti-inflationary nuke

The SBP has hiked the policy rate by 625 bps in 2022, bringing it to a 24-year high to battle inflation and suppress imports - but is it too little, too late?

Inside the picture-perfect Pakistani wedding

More than just hearts, the big Pakistani wedding is also a marriage of young photographers with big fortunes

Paper palace – the business behind banknotes

The sole makers of security papers in Pakistan, SEPL is doing well but it can do even better

Electric rickshaws: Between Yellow-brick and Lytton road

On the precipice of having their registration approved, electric rickshaws now face an uphill battle to win over everyone

Another blow to local governance

If the FBR is found to be taxing property, it will go against the spirit of the 18th amendment, and weaken the struggle for local governments

Four ticking time-bombs threatening Pakistan’s food security

Despite its great capability, Pakistan’s food security is hanging by a thread. Profit identifies key indicators of the systemic problems our agriculture faces

Why does the JS Group want to buy BankIslami?

Already the largest shareholders in the Bank, Jahangir Siddiqui and Co are looking to takeover Pakistan’s oldest Islamic Bank as Shariah-compliant banking continues to gain ground

Jabbar Thaikaydar, the man who introduced money making in Pakistani media

In the early 1980s, as he carried banners of the Lakson Tobacco Company on his motorbike through the dusty roads of Lahore,...

Strong Rupee! Grape!

If the government wants the rupee to be treated like a mature currency, then it should stop treating it like a spoiled child

Crop Talk: From no potatoes to too many

One of Pakistan’s mightiest crops, the potato has suffered from overproduction and lack of government attention

Finding EV batteries

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. He would probably be rolling...

The world listened at COP27, but will Pakistan step up?

Loss and damages were high on the agenda this year but Pakistan must also plan on how they mean to spend the money if it comes their way

Najam Sethi has resigned as chairman of Mitchell’s. What next?

A flurry in activity at the board of directors and change in management have all brought renewed interest to one of Pakistan’s oldest companies

A hitchhiker’s guide to shareholder activism

  You wake up one day and learn that your relatives have decided to return your portion of your grandfather’s inheritance (yes, an...

Out of the grey list, still in the grey!

If you have tried to receive money from a foreign country or tried sending some money abroad, you might be familiar with...