Naveena Steel aims to build a modern Pakistan

KARACHI: Witnessing a developed Pakistan has been a dream for many and a top priority for others. In light of the current...

Ravi Textile Mills to be acquired by steel mill owners

A potential takeover leaves Ravi’s staff stumped; unclear what direction the company will take next

EFG Hermes is accumulating shares in Kohinoor Industries

In two transactions, the Egyptian financial group (which owns a brokerage firm in Pakistan as well) has bought 12% of the company

Minority shareholders revolt at Merit Packaging

This company has not been doing well recently and the minority shareholders - who own about 17% of the company - want to know what is going on

Security Leasing Company: coming out of bankruptcy?

The leasing company collapsed in the 2008 financial crisis, but has been consistently chipping away at restructuring their debts

Anver Majid has succeeded in getting a court to prevent him from being ousted as CEO… while he is still in jail

This story will never not be funny. And Profit will cover it blow by blow.

Saudi Arabia’s National Commercial Bank to acquire Samba

The largest bank by assets in Saudi Arabia is entering Pakistan. This is not the bank’s first brush with Pakistanis

Former Maxus MD Sarwar Khan joins the Digital Engagement Network

Armed with two seasoned leaders from Maxus, the year-old influencer marketing platform is already delivering campaigns for MCB, Uber, Nestlé, Stylo, RDX, AkzoNobel, and Carrefour

The economics of jalsas: what does it cost to hold a political rally?

As the PDM continues on its schedule of rallies and public shows of strength, a lot of money is going to be changing hands

Why Voluntary Pension Schemes are better than Provident or Gratuity funds

A personalised investing strategy – combined with employer benefits – is likely to be significantly better than the current structure of provident and gratuity funds

Who will disrupt the Rs500 billion pharmaceutical industry?

It is one of the largest industries in Pakistan – and one of the most essential for the country – but there are many inefficiencies in the sector that make it ripe for disruption. But which segment of the supply chain is most vulnerable is an open question.

Treet Corporation says goodbye to its for-profit education company

The industrial conglomerate announced its intention to sell Global Arts Ltd for at least Rs1.8 billion

Media Times, the Taseer-owned media conglomerate, consider selling off their TV channels

Both Business Plus and Zaiqa will be converted into wholly owned subsidiaries, with the group still deciding on divestiture

Merger between Gatron Industries and Novatex approved by Balochistan High Court

Polyester companies allowed to combine operations; both supply raw materials to the non-cotton textile industry

Mall operator Pace, once a market leader, struggling to survive

The company operates old-fashioned shopping centers at a time when Pakistanis are getting used to modern malls; the social boycott against the majority shareholders – the Taseers – does not help either