Jahangir Siddiqui will soon own two banks. Not everyone is happy

From legal technicalities to outright accusations of white-collar crime involving big business, as well as the regulators, JS Bank’s bid to buy BankIslami has many detractors. But will any of this be enough to stop the transaction from taking place?

Have car prices sleepwalked into no-man’s land where nobody can afford them anymore?

Customers might have to pull the break on their dreams to own a car because it looks like we’ll be here for a bit

Mera bank, meri marzi

Women despite having their own bank accounts are not free to make their own financial decisions

Calling a spade a spade; Is Capital Value Tax the new wealth tax?

In the hot haste of collecting more taxes, did the government do a mix up?

No, women artisan fairs aren’t enough to empower them

The limitations of local craft fairs to provide financial empowerment to women can be overcome through Fintech. However, women’s access to technology remains abysmal

Changing the ‘cycle’ of work culture

The traditional ‘work day’ was not designed keeping women in mind; it caters to the biological and sociological needs of men

Descon’s long-play

One of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates has quietly entered the agricultural sector. But they don’t just plan on selling salt and drying vegetables. They want it all

The Pink Bus is the ideal stopgap solution; We just hope it knows when to stop

It’s a clever solution to a pressing problem; thinking of it as a long-term solution, however, runs the risk of it becoming the pink elephant in the room

Health and Fitness in the metaverse

After years of catering to women in Pakistan, AimFit has taken its fitness movement global

Inside the digital media newsrooms of Pakistan

With more than half of the population’s access to the internet, the digital landscape is fertile soil not just for information and narrative-building, but also for business

Crop talk: It’s a date!

Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of dates in the world. Can we unlock the export potential of this seasonal mainstay?

Between a saint and a shrine: The curse of Bahria Icon Tower

Launched in 2009, the Bahria Icon Tower has constantly fallen prey to messy legal problems. With no buyers in sight, how long will the tower remain a ghost-town?

Chaotic Qalandars and Icy Islamabad — when sports management meets business

This is the story of two interviews. The first was with Ali Naqvi, the owner of the Islamabad United franchise of the...

With the HBLPSL, all is sorted for the Babar Azams of Pakistan. But what about our Messis?

A case study of what could be the potential of football as a league-sport in Pakistan

In women’s cricket, showing up for the match is a victory in itself

The quality of the competition is high, which means women’s cricket is financially feasible. But the experts say it needs initial injections of investment to work