Can service sector exports save Pakistan’s economy, it just might

In August, Extreme Commerce, a Pakistani skill-based learning platform, announced that it will be launching its new and improved Video Boot Camp...

Why did KPMG resign as Agritech’s auditors?

State-owned fertiliser manufacturer has been hemorrhaging money for years now, and its auditors are done trying to pretend the company is anything but bankrupt

Zharbiz wants to turn garbage into electricity and drones into taxis in Pakistan

Led by a Pakistani from Azad Kashmir, the Philippines-based Zharbiz International Holdings has futuristic plans for Pakistan. But how realistic are they?

As rainfall swept Karachi, banks failed to notify customers about flooded lockers

Customers of at least three banks – Habib Metropolitan, UBL, and Samba – are complaining that banks did not do enough to inform them their valuables had been damaged by monsoon water.

Mitchell’s: Can a new management save an old company?

Najam Sethi has taken over his wife’s family company and brought along a marketing executive to run the company, but can the food company’s deep problems be solved with more money and an ad campaign?

Are Pakistanis willing to borrow to remodel their homes? Interwood thinks so.

Furniture company Interwood is banking on more Pakistanis wanting nicer kitchens and homes, with the help of financing plans

Pakistani Tatas are consolidating. But who are they and what do they do?

All four group companies are being merged into a single entity, which already had common majority shareholders and boards of directors

Here is why the latest PSX notice by leasing company PICL should be taken with a pinch of salt

Pakistan Industrial and Commercial Leasing has been unable to disclose its financials to public investors for well over a decade, but has decided to seek an extension by blaming the pandemic’s impact on its own C-suite

Arif Habib to pump in additional Rs750 million into Naya Nazimabad

Construction to continue apace even as existing residents faced flooding damage owing to poor urban planning and design

Pakistan is undergoing a budget hotel revolution. Kind of.

As demands for clean and standard accommodation without the trappings of five-star hotels increase, large chains are partnering with private investors to create a string of mid-sized hotels

Will Chinese cars beat out the Big Three? Don’t bet on it.

For years Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota have dominated Pakistan’s car market. But as competition increases, will Chinese companies looking for inroads make the difference?

From urban morass to global city: how Karachi can fuel Pakistan’s rise

Pakistan’s largest city and commercial capital can join the ranks of cities driving global economic growth and dynamism in the national economy, but it will require vision, and a political settlement that has long eluded the city and its residents

Najam Sethi appoints favoured executive as the Mitchell’s CEO

Struggling jams and juices manufacturer brings in new head without industry experience, but a close connection to its board chairman

Tesco’s Pakistan distributor to invest Rs150 million in expansion

Investment comes as tech-enabled competitors enter the fray for the grocery and food supply chain market

In stock brokerage consolidation, JS Global Capital to acquire BIPL Securities

The JS Group’s flagship retail and institutional stock brokerage firm to acquire a rival firm originally owned by KASB