Pakistani cars: Four-letter word that starts with S and ends with T

Why is the grass greener, more feature packed, and usually cheaper on the other side for Pakistani car buyers?

Electric rickshaws: Between Yellow-brick and Lytton road

On the precipice of having their registration approved, electric rickshaws now face an uphill battle to win over everyone

Honda Cars records half year profit of Rs273mn

LAHORE: Honda Cars has filed its second quarter earnings from July to September to the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The quarter sees Honda’s...

Finding EV batteries

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. He would probably be rolling...

Lucky Motors to remain exclusive manufacturer of KIA passenger cars and suvs

LAHORE: A clarification from Lucky Motors Corporation confirmed that the group will continue to be the sole manufacturer of KIA passenger cars...

Little cars, big money: The Suzuki Playbook

In the under 1300cc segment, there is no Big Three. There is just the Big One: Suzuki

No, your car is not a good store of value

The myth that cars are a hedge against inflation needs to go so we can actually start treating our cars like cars and not long-term investments

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Why are some cars being sold for below showroom price

Whilst the sector is in a shambles, automotive customers might have lucked out as investors have held onto a few cars for a bit too long

OLX Group-backed CarFirst has shut down in Pakistan. Here’s why

After more than five years in operations, the OLX backed car trading platform CarFirst found itself out of business not with a...

Auto manufacturers reeling from informal quota  

LAHORE: Automobile manufacturers in Pakistan are currently utilizing ad-hoc measures to continue operations amidst the economic downturn and the limited quota allowances...

Toyota Indus Motors to offer refunds to customers 

Indus Motor Company (IMC), the assembler of Toyota cars in Pakistan, has decided to start offering refunds to customers facing delays in...

The SBP is controlling car imports

The Rupee’s worrying free fall has led to the automobile industry being caught in the eye of the storm. Designated as one...

The curse of ‘on’ money

As car prices have risen and demand has risen with them, premiums are also shooting up

A look at the new Suzuki Swift

If you’re a frequent internet and social media, you must have come across a leaked picture of what is most presumably the...