Pakistan’s candy kings

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Dollar Danda: How the currency market was tamed and why it won’t work

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SECP is changing company takeover laws. But what exactly is being changed and why?

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A year on: Will the hybrid match the crossover craze

Creating your own market segment grants you a position amidst automotive royalty, but also exposes you to questions uniquely your own

To utilise its natural resources, Pakistan must not repeat the mistakes of the past

If the govt and its partners are serious about utilising the $6 trillion potential of the country’s natural resources, some serious reflection is needed

For six years, Pakistan’s sugar barons were at war. Did they just call a truce?

Run on the power of political patronage, the sugar industry in Pakistan often ebbs and flows with the tides of political alliance

TERF wars

The recent debate over the TERF program has brought the scheme into the limelight and both sides have their knives out

Has PM Shehbaz managed to tarnish the legacy of CM Shehbaz?

Provincial administration and federal leadership are two very different ball games

Barter trade: Why it’s a bad idea in this day and age, especially for Pakistan

The recent agreement with Iran, Afghanistan and Russia to engage in barter trade might be great marketing for an economically struggling government, but remains impractical

Who is Shaheryar Chishty and what does he want with K-Electric?

Shaheryar Chishty has gone from the owner of Daewoo to being one of the most influential men in Pakistan’s energy sector. Can he turn KE around?

Has UBank cracked the code to making a microfinance bank profitable?

Unlike its fledgling competitors, Ubank has adopted a strategy of trying to operate like a conventional bank with a microfinance banking licence in tandem with clever risk management. WIll it stand the test of time?

A tale of two defaults

The word default has spread through the country like a fever. Does anyone really understand what it means?

The OGDCL’s $80 million bid saga in Uch

The bid for a compression plant in Uch has become a bone of contention with current and former officials of the company lobbying for different groups