The fool’s fuel plan?

In another world, in a country not so close to the brink, and with a lot more time the fuel cross-subsidy may have had a shot. Right now it is a case of bad timing and bad planning

Jahangir Siddiqui will soon own two banks. Not everyone is happy

From legal technicalities to outright accusations of white-collar crime involving big business, as well as the regulators, JS Bank’s bid to buy BankIslami has many detractors. But will any of this be enough to stop the transaction from taking place?

Descon’s long-play

One of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates has quietly entered the agricultural sector. But they don’t just plan on selling salt and drying vegetables. They want it all

Between a saint and a shrine: The curse of Bahria Icon Tower

Launched in 2009, the Bahria Icon Tower has constantly fallen prey to messy legal problems. With no buyers in sight, how long will the tower remain a ghost-town?

The HBLPSL is here to stay. But how high can it go?

The debate between stakeholders about the tournament’s financial model is continuing even as it packs stadiums and makes good money

We don’t have a brain drain problem. We have a ghurbat problem

A vast majority of Pakistanis going abroad for work are unskilled or semi-skilled labourers living hand-to-mouth because of unemployment at home. The biggest victim is KP

Bust, boom, and bust — Mush’s Muddy economic footprint

Musharraf oversaw one of Pakistan’s rare periods of economic growth. But what was the cost of these numbers, and why did he leave behind a mess?

Jo Banain Gai Khain Gai

As our standard of living faces a collapse, the main focus of our economic policy should be efficient production of exportable goods and agricultural products

Byram D Avari, the Parsis of Karachi, and the future of Pakistan

From the original generation of Pakistanis, Avari was a shrewd businessman and a faithful community leader. But what does the Pakistan he leaves behind look like?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are your digital banks

With the central bank finally issuing NOCs for setting up digital banks, Profit looks at the contenders and their intentions

Buying influence

In the latest turn in the Chakri real estate saga, the people behind Blue World City have acquired a television channel. But why?

Why is the government chickening away from chicken?

The government doesn‘t want you eating chicken. Here’s all you need to know

The war for scraps

Already punch-drunk from censorship and changing times, a large crack has appeared within the print media industry over the most important issue there is — money

Avoiding Babylon

In the next decade, something monumental will happen. Somewhere either in a noisy Lahore suburb, a quiet village in interior Sindh, or...

Pakistan is launching its first development REIT. Should you be interested?

For the first time, Pakistanis will have a chance to have stakes in and become real estate developers. But should they go for it?