PSO wants a loan-to-equity swap against its debt. How well thought out is the plan?

With circular debt ballooning out of control, out of the box thinking is being used to address it. Sadly, it won’t work

PostEx’s acquisition of CallCourier has propelled them to the top of the logistics market in Pakistan. What’s next?

The logistics business has not been easy for anyone in Pakistan. After its acquisition of CallCourier, what is PostEx’s plan forward? plan forward?

Walls rules Pakistan’s ice cream economy with an iron fist. Could Omore have an opening this year?

Launched in 1995, Walls climbed over local players to the top and has fended off any attempts at competition. Could that change?

Privatising DISCOs is agenda item number one. Maybe it shouldn’t be

Everyone seems agreed on the privatisation of our DISCOS. But has anyone bothered to look at what is best for these companies and the consumers?

PIA is up for sale, and there’s a six-way battle for who will take the prize

Four different airlines, power producers, and real estate developers are all in the running to buy PIA when the airline is finally privatised

K-Electric’s new owners still haven’t gotten management control. What will be left to control by the time they’re up to bat?

It has been more than a year since Shaheryar Chishty bought KE. Why hasn’t he gotten management control, and will he be inheriting a different company from the one he bought?

Can Treet Corporation overcome its beard problem?

Treet Corporation was set to be Pakistan’s next big conglomerate after it diversified into different industries. So far, this is how it has played out

Jazz is tired of being a Telco. Can they figure out what they want to be instead?

The company is in the process of shedding its skin and becoming a tech company. But are they trying too hard to make the pivot work?

In the ever-raging battle between Coca Cola and Pepsico, Sting is King

Coca Cola outsold Pepsico in 2023 in the carbonated drinks market. But Pepsico is still ahead thanks to a little something known in Pakistan as “stimulant drinks”

KIA Stonic’s drastic price fall is a tale of lobbying, regulatory capture, and high margins. Here’s what went down behind the scenes

For the past year, Pakistan’s car manufacturers have been at war with each other, using every trick in the book. Has KIA just ended it with a masterstroke, or is it just getting started?

The problem is access to credit, not payments claims Abhi CEO at World Economic Forum

Representing Pakistan’s fintech community at World Economic Forum, Omair Ansari claims it is a fallacy that Pakistan has a big unbanked population because of the impact of the telcos.

America is threatening sanctions over the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline. Let it

Pakistan’s need for an reliance on natural gas has only increased as our reserves have fallen. A cheap and convenient solution is staring us in the face. But will geopolitics let it take root?

Suzuki Pakistan is all set to be delisted as Danka finally sells his veto shares. Who gained and who lost?

A big local shareholder was in a Mexican Standoff with Suzuki Pakistan's Japanese owners. Who flinched first?

Waqar Malik is on his way out and a general on his way in. Is this the end of the civilian experiment at Fauji...

Civilian bosses seem to have run Fauji Foundation better than, well, Faujis. Why has the Foundation been given back to a retired general, then?

Pakistan’s billion-dollar fund manager resigns quietly as SECP investigates suspicious transactions. Here’s what went down

The CEO of Al Meezan Investment Management Limited is not the first, nor will he be the last to be embroiled in such a controversy