Dar tries balancing act with Rs14.5tr budget

Budget presented is not an “election budget", Dar

Govt sets ambitious target of Rs72b from 4G license sales in FY24

The government has outlined plans to collect a substantial amount of over Rs. 72 billion through the sale of 4G licenses, as...

Decoding the budget: A simple question of revenue and expenditure

The Government of Pakistan has presented its proposed budget for the Fiscal Year of 2023-24 on Friday 9th of June. The budget...

Despite ticking pension bomb, govt increases annuity for federal employees by 17.5% 

Development of a pension fund with Rs10bn in plans

Govt announces major tax relief on laptops, PCs, hardware, and battery parts to boost IT sector

Tax breaks for tech enthusiasts and freelancers in Pakistan's new budget 

Education sector receives marginal budget boost for 2023-24

The government's allocation of Rs. 97.098 billion for Education Affairs and Services in the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 has...

Govt introduces projects for women, children among other new initiatives for 2023-24

Scooters to be provided to working women at 50pc subsidized price. Health outcomes for mother and child to be given attention

In significant increase, govt sets Rs 1.14 trillion development budget with priority given to ‘populist’ ‘projects

Overall increase in PSDP marks govt trying to shore up support in an election year. But how will IMF react to this increased expenditure?

Govt proposes Rs 1.074tr subsidies in 2023-24

Despite pressure from the IMF govt has spent nearly as much as last year on subsidies

SBP to announce monetary policy on June 12

Policy rate was raised by 100 basis points to 21% in last meeting

Shehbaz optimistic about IMF deal amidst economic hardship

Bloomberg cites Fitch Ratings stating that further devaluation of Pakistani rupee unlikely due to subsiding pressure, stable reserves

New govt to pursue IMF for next loan program, says Ishaq Dar

The Finance Minister clarified that the existing program, whether completed or not, would expire on June 30, 2023.
Factory workers

China’s factory deflation steepens as demand wanes

China's factory gate prices fell at the fastest pace in seven years in May and quicker than forecasts, as faltering demand weighed...

Pakistan’s economy grew only 0.29pc in FY22-23 

Dar unveils the Economic Survey of Pakistan a day before the budget, presenting a bleak picture of the economy. 

Govt misses targets for all key economic indicators in FY23

Govt team to launch Economic Survey tomorrow