With third-party cookie erosion around the corner, a second-party data marketplace takes shape

The true benefit of a second-party data marketplace may be in its implicit impact on predicting the behavior of target audiences

All that stands between PEMRA and direct to home services

A decade-long crackdown by the FIA against illegal Indian devices has done nothing to sway the ease of doing business and bringing in the biggest investment in Pakistan’s electronic media history

Medialogic and PEMRA go head to head in LHC over forensic audit

The mystery behind Pakistan’s abysmal ranking in the ease of doing business index continues

The advertising industry scrambles in wake of Amazon announcement

Within hours of the rumors, feasibility studies with regional support concluded that agencies need to start securing reseller relationships for the Amazon advertising unit and either build or resell the B2B technology that the market will eventually need

Which public affairs strategy should tech unicorns use in Pakistan?

Instead of banning apps due to objectionable content, maybe collaborate?

Finja awards digital media account to Fibonacci

The data-driven performance agency will help the FinTech leader scale in Pakistan

International magazine publishers deny connection to People and Vogue in Pakistan

Having gotten away with infringing on the intellectual property and trademark of one American media brand, FHM Pakistan Publications is set to repeat itself

Gojek launches digital out-of-home advertising solution GoScreen

The courier and motorcycle ride-hailing services turned super app company has launched a digital programmatic out-of-home advertising solution

Maxus loses four media accounts to IG Square

IG Square has won the media remit for Stylo (Pvt.) Limited, United Industries Ltd, MG JW Automobile Pakistan, Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited,...

Foodpanda Pakistan shortlists three agencies for media strategy development

The mobile food delivery marketplace will select the winning media agency on Monday

TikTok won because it hacked Instagram: Gary Vaynerchuk

The outspoken media futurist spoke at Advertising Week 2020 on the factors, variables, and foundations behind the meteoritic rise of the short-form video-sharing social networking service

Eliminate all media upfronts for 2021: Gary Vaynerchuk

The outspoken founder of VaynerMedia urged marketers, particularly those at CPG companies, to limit or eliminate upfront media commitments due to the uncertainty around the ability to supply demand

Telenor retains Ogilvy as its creative agency in Pakistan, hands boutique agency deal to IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

The WPP owned creative agency has retained the telecommunications business for the fourth year in a row and has demonstrated a track record of creative effectiveness

GroupM names Ali Khan-Bajauri managing director for Maxus in Pakistan

With three decades of marketing experience across Nestle, Mars, Engro, and other reputable CPG companies, GroupM hopes the business growth specialist will help the Maxus grow client acquisition, retention, and profitability

Why digital media agencies are reluctant to join the PBA digital media wing

The Pakistan Broadcasters Association announced the formation of a digital media wing that they claim will represent the business interests of digital publishers, apps, and digital advertising agencies. Advertising agencies are sceptical about the initiative.