How the LC issue crippled Pakistan’s textile industry

And why our businesses need to develop more foresight if they wish to operate in Pakistan

Sedative Electricity Reforms

The current electricity strategy pursued by the Government under the garb of reforms is not in the best interest of the sector....

Pakistan’s most successful designer brand is in trouble. But why?

With Élan looking for investors to come in and inject equity, we look back at how Khadijah Shah made and possibly broke her fashion empire

The state of Punjab’s industries

Amidst political wrangling, the country’s largest province aims to keep industrial growth on track with policy continuity and innovation

Everyone aboard the solar express?

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Running out of options: The state of our telcos

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Going the Thar route

After decades of policy shifts on the energy front, will Pakistan go towards domestic coal to avoid the bloodbaths of the spot markets?

Is a deregulated petroleum market the way to go ?

In a recent turn of events, sources have told Profit that the government is considering deregulating the petroleum, oil and lubricant market....

NEPRA’s CSR award ceremony comes under fire

ISLAMABAD: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Member Sindh Rafique Ahmad Shaikh on Wednesday raised serious objections over a Corporate Social Responsibility...

Cnergyico leaps ahead of Shell and Total to become largest private-sector fuel retailer

The acquisition of Puma Energy Pakistan means that they are now the second largest fuel retailer after state-owned PSO

NEPRA jacks up power prices by Rs4.3 per unit

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) announced on Thursday that it has allowed a Rs4.3 per unit increase in power...

Demand boosts steel prices

Mughal Steel in particular seeks to benefit

How do petrol pumps make money?

After all of the hullabaloo surrounding the increase in margins, how does the petrol pump business model even work?

How the pandemic gave Pakistani denim a second life

If exports are to stay high, there must be a focus on how we produce rather than how much

Local retail pivot helps Gul Ahmed surge

The companies’ sales jumped 60% to Rs53 billion to Rs86 billion in 2021