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IRSA projects 38pc water shortage in coming Rabi season

ISLAMABAD: Food security crisis owing to water shortage in the upcoming Rabi sowing season is expected, as the Indus River System Authority’s (IRSA) advisory committee...

ECC instructs to make USC operational again to stabilize food commodity prices

Currently, USC’s monthly sales stand around Rs1 billion and sitting on an inventory worth Rs4.5 billion

Indonesia keen to import 1m tons of rice from Pakistan

The Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan stated the volume of bilateral trade is $2.18 billion, which is far less than the current potential

Water shortfall projected at 35-40 percent before start of Rabi season

Till September 20th, Balochistan faced the highest water shortfall of around 44 percent, Punjab 20 percent, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) 21 percent and Sindh 16 percent

Gas price hike may push urea prices up to Rs128 per kg

The FMPAC spokesman said profits had touched their lowest ebb in the last six years irrespective of record revenues attained by major players

India and Pakistan have driven global sugar glut: Australia’s minister for trade

Pakistan, whose sugar production has increased in recent years, in January quadrupled the volume of sugar eligible for export subsidies to 2 million tonnes to reduce excessive domestic supplies

Urea inventory falls to five year low as crisis looms

LAHORE: Pakistan’s urea inventory was recorded at 86,155 tons at the end of July this year, reaching a five‐year low of around 105,000 tons last...

Hybrid wheat successfully harvested in Pakistan: Global Times

In different areas across the country, hybrid wheat from China has been successfully grown and is likely to be introduced in other Belt and...

Total water storage in reservoirs face 30 percent shortfall, as Tarbela hits maximum level

Pakistan’s main water reservoirs have gained 65.60 percent of the combined live storage of 13.681 MAF, of which 34.40 percent capacity requires to be filled

Wapda to raise Hub Dam storage capacity, as country’s water needs increase

During the meeting, it was unanimously decided to raise the Hub Dam’s lost storage capacity of around 49,000-acre-feet of water by removing sediment deposits in the reservoir

Urea prices surge to Rs1,800 per bag, as supplies dwindle

During the last nine months, the prices of urea have risen by Rs450-550 per bag from Rs1,250-Rs1,300 per bag

Can drip irrigation eradicate Pakistan’s water crisis and food insecurity?

To save water, the country needs to replace its age-old method of irrigating crops with improved yield and quality being tangible benefits

Food exports surge 29.28pc to over $4.797 billion

Wheat exports went up from $1.038 million to $236.339 million, showing growth of 22668 per cent

World sugar exporters ask Pakistan, India & EU to cut subsidies

Global Sugar Alliance Members have identified export subsidies and domestic price supports in excess of WTO allowances and are urging our governments to take all necessary steps to ensure (that) Pakistan and India comply with WTO rules

Urea prices increased for the third time this year

LAHORE: Yet another round of price escalation of urea has kicked off as fertiliser manufacturers have increased urea prices by Rs50 per bag, pushing...

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