Weak agricultural marketing system in Pakistan: Exploitation of farmers and buyers

Writing for Dawn, authors Khalid Wattoo and Rehema Hasan explain that agricultural farming is an inherently risky business due to its dependence...

Severe seasonal changes threaten mango Crop, anticipated 20% decrease in production raises concerns

LAHORE: In a worrisome development, Pakistan's mango crop is facing significant challenges due to the impact of seasonal changes this year, leading...
Wheat flour 2

Punjab finally resumes daily flour supply to KP

KP residents finally receive price relief, with reduced flour prices in the province

Fauji Fertilizer’s four-week power outage likely to impact Urea production

KARACHI: Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL) announced a power outage that is expected to last for over four weeks. In a...

ADB advises Pakistan to provide targeted subsidies, enhance tax-to-GDP ratio

Pakistan advised to provide targeted subsidies, enhance tax-to-GDP ratio

Crop talk: China wants our Cherries. But will Pakistan rise to the occasion?

The demand for Pakistani cherries in China is going up despite strict regulations. The opportunity is not one to be lost

China opens doors to Pakistani cherry with strict conditions

Under the protocol, local cherries need to be kept under one-degree temperature for over 18 days after which health of fruit will be checked for final export

Wheat woes – Our need and inability to grow more

Severely hit by climate change and a weak supply-chain, Pakistan’s most important crop is under threat

The fault in our crops – Growing too much of one, none of another

How chai and sutta went from guilty pleasures to pricey indulgence

Chinese company to establish breeding farms across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A Chinese company Hangeng Trading, specialized in animal husbandry, livestock and aloe vera is establishing breeding research centers and health units...

RUDA’s reckoning – HRW cracks down on farmer eviction issue

HRW says authorities should enforce environmental protections and reform colonial-era laws

Bracing for heatwaves

Despite an unusually cool March, devastating heatwaves could very much be in our future 

Uncompetitive and short in supply. The tragic and avoidable undoing of Pakistan’s cotton crop

As output falls with each passing year, the industry faces a bleak future

Potential damage to key cash crops as Pakistan grapples with low water levels

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is facing a significant water shortage of 37% during the current Kharif cropping season, which could potentially damage important cash...

Govt allows import of Soybean seeds on importer’s undertaking, fails to ensure Non-GMO status

Nearly all stranded vessels of oilseeds at Karachi port have been released based on undertakings, fumigation