Pakistan grapples with extended power outages as electricity shortfall hits 6,663 MW

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s energy crisis worsened significantly on Tuesday as the country faced an alarming electricity shortfall of 6,663 megawatts (MW). This escalation comes just a day after the shortfall was reported at 6,206 MW, underscoring the ongoing challenges in meeting national power demands.

According to sources, the current electricity demand across Pakistan stands at 26,700 MW, while actual power generation lags far behind at 20,037 MW. This substantial deficit has resulted in widespread load shedding, with certain regions enduring up to 10 hours of power cuts daily.

Hydropower remains Pakistan’s primary electricity source, generating 7,000 MW, but it falls short of bridging the demand gap. Government thermal power plants contribute a modest 690 MW, while the private sector and wind farms provide 7,799 MW and 1,007 MW respectively. Solar and nuclear power plants contribute 147 MW and 3,000 MW respectively to the national grid.

The situation is particularly dire in areas with high line losses, where residents endure even lengthier power outages, lasting up to 14 hours per day.

These prolonged power cuts present significant challenges for Pakistanis, particularly during the sweltering summer months. The government faces mounting pressure to address underlying issues contributing to the shortfall, including inefficiencies within the power sector and reliance on costly imported fuels.


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