Telecom operators collected around Rs2 trillion in taxes during last five years

Islamabad: The cellular companies received nearly Rs 2 trillion as tax from customers during the past five years, reported Online.

According to documents available with Online, Mobilink mobile company had collected Rs 13.26 billion as tax from the consumers in 2014. Furthermore in 2015 it collected Rs 13.34 billion, Rs. 14.80 billion in 2016 and in 2017 Rs. 14.3 billion. Till August 2017 it collected Rs 10.940 billion as tax from consumers.

Telenor had collected Rs 10.780 billion from consumers as tax in 2014.  Moreover, in 2015 it collected Rs 12.370 billion, Rs. 10.470 billion in 2016, Rs 11.620 billion in 2017. Till August 2017 Telenor has collected Rs 8.80 billion as income tax from the consumers.

Likewise, above companies’  Zong received Rs. 670.40 million as tax in 2016 and Rs 6.60 billion in 2017.

Cellular company Ufone has received Rs 4.590 billion from consumers in 2014, Rs. 8. 60 billion in 2015, Rs 6. 630 billion in 2016. In 2017, it collected Rs 7.30 billion as tax from consumers. Till August 2017 it has received Rs 4.670 billion from the customers.

Warid Telecom which has been acquired by Jazz received Rs 4.60 billion from consumers in 2014, Rs 440.50 million in 2015, Rs 4. 410 billion in 2016. However, it has collected Rs 3. 180 billion till the August 2017.

It is worth mentioning that according to Income Tax Ordinance 2001, mobile operators have to deposit this tax on a weekly basis.

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  1. kindly define how many times a common man face these TAX……. ok let me define…..
    1) every time recharge account they deduct it was 25% tax back then, now its about 15 to 18%
    2) every call on same cellular the cellular company deduct Tax. WTFont
    3) every call to different cellular network, now they both deduct Tax on single call. Morons they don’t even know simple math are deducting 2x tax on single call.

    So many taxes and still these corrupt politicians still bag to IMF …….

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