SECP introduces Shariah Advisors Regulations, 2017

ISLAMABAD: To enhance the credibility of Islamic financial services sector, Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Tuesday introduced draft Shariah Advisors Regulations 2017.

According to SECP, Shariah advisors regulation 2017, framed under the Companies Act 2017, these regulations are expected to professionalise Shariah advisory services.

Companies would only be able to engage the Shariah advisors who would be on the SECP’s panel of Shariah advisors. To join this panel, Shariah advisors would need to meet fit and proper criteria and abide by a code of conduct that emphasises independence and objectivity.

SECP regulates important elements of Islamic financial services industry. These elements include Islamic mutual and pension funds, modarabas and NBFIs, takaful operators, Shariah-compliant companies, Shariah-compliant securities, Shariah-compliant real estate investment trusts, and Shariah-compliant indices.

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Some of these elements have shown impressive growth. For instance, the share of Shariah-compliant assets of NBFI sector has grown from 12.3% in June 2010 to 34.6% as of June 2017.

The regulations have been drafted after an extensive consultation process with representatives of Shariah advisors, Islamic Financial Services Board Malaysia, State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Takaful Operators, Modaraba and NBFI Association, Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan, and Shariah Board of SECP.

The draft Shariah Advisors Regulations, 2017, available on the website of SECP, are now open to the public for consultation and stakeholders have two-week to share their views.

SECP would notify the final regulations after taking into consideration the comments, suggestions and inputs received during the public consultation.

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  1. Shariah first needs learning of Qur’an and its understanding. This is lacking by and large with us. It is an obligation andf Allah Ta’ala has made it easy and applicable. Prophet Shu’ab is quoted as a arole model with this teachings on behalf of God. Allah has given His believers the “Key” of His Treasury to draw as much out of it as they would beed. He hzs taught how to use it. Please be guided by Qur’an and its teachings. Allah repets it in Qur’an “Whatever you spend in His sake on others in His behalf, He returns it backincreased manifold. He has apportioned 8 categories in Zakat for distribution. He abolished “Riba” on which is based our entire finacial system and substituted Riba with Verse 2 / 261.
    It is a great irony thay our stereotypes Ulama and Mashaikh are ignorant of Allah’s guidance.

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