PTCL wins ‘Best Asian Operator’ award


KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has won the award for ‘Best Asian Operator’ at the Telecom Review Excellence Awards 2018, held in Dubai.

PTCL President and CEO Dr Daniel Ritz received the award on behalf of PTCL. The awards recognize industry leaders for their efficiency and hard work in 2018. Winners were chosen based on recognized and demonstrated capabilities in their specific sector by an independent panel of experienced industry veterans.

On the occasion, Dr Daniel Ritz said, “It is a great pleasure accepting this award, and I am proud of PTCL’s team who has made it possible for us to be recognized as Asia’s best operator. PTCL has taken strategic initiatives for building a customer service culture in the organization, along with innovation in its network. Through its Network Transformation Project, 100 exchanges are being upgraded across Pakistan that will positively impact the customer experience.”

The organization has overall gone through a cultural transformation, with a renewed focus on core values, gender diversity and empowerment of employees at the workplace. To drive business agility and efficiency, technological innovations, like cloud technology, have also been introduced for well-integrated systems throughout the country.

Being a national company, PTCL has taken numerous initiatives and conducts quarterly activities in different regions across Pakistan under its Corporate Social Responsibility Program.


  1. Thats a lie. PTCL is nothing but combinations of confused buggers (neither government nor private) run by camel loving baddus. Its service is pathetic so this article is rubbish and doesnt tell the truth. I personally, as a consumer, hate PTCL. I would go so low as to say it is BITCH Limited.

  2. Ptcl worst isp of Pakistan cant even provide 20mb constant from gpon msag.
    I was 20mb vdsl and receive only 3mb in peak hourrs i am user in Saaditown area karachi which comes under Malir exchange my connection was coming from dp 100meters away from msag and they were unable to provide bandwidth to area msag.
    The branch manager Abdul ghafoor said that we cant provide full bandwidth to area if you dont like then get disconnected.
    Ptcl worst customer care and master of bandwidth throttling

  3. Jhoot hai,
    Men ptcl ka customer Hun aur mujhe pata hai k in ki service kitni 3rd Class hai.
    Ptcl walon ne zarur muk mukka kar k yeh award liya ho ga.

  4. Still providing adsl connections to users.
    Local area cable net is far better than their so called naya network gpon vdsl customers always complain about bandwidth throttling in peak hours.

    Ptcl curse in this nation there service only works in Canttonment areas and dha and offficers society many hidden taxes in bill.

  5. Joke of the century like 9/11 and Moon Landing. Why world is so blind?. A mega company is in hands of insensible, nonprofessional beginners!!! May God help NAYA PAKISTAN.
    They are just a bunch of liars and cheaters.

  6. I think the writer must commit suicide after writing such Article.The reason for writing this Article is Either the Writer is in very miserable condition or someone bought him to write so… Every single of us know how good is the Performance of PTCL… They are even losing their customers in most of the areas due to their new competitors in the market like stromfiber, fiberlink. I personally recommend all of the readers to not get fool with these rubbish plastic rumours…


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