Dollar gains Rs2.7 in open market

Amidst panic triggered by the economic fallout of the global coronavirus outbreak, the US dollar witnessed an appreciation in its value against the Pakistani rupee.

According to forex dealers, the greenback appreciated by Rs2.34 to settle at Rs156.58 for the day in the interbank market as compared to the previous closing of Rs154.24.

A similar trend was witnessed in the open market where the dollar rose by Rs2.70 to trade at Rs157 against the local unit.

Meanwhile, the currency lost Rs5.4 to the Pound Sterling as the day’s closing quote stood at Rs205.67 per GBP, while the previous session closed at Rs200.27 per GBP.

Similarly, PKR’s value weakened by Rs4.4 against EUR, which closed at Rs178.3 at interbank.

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