10 Pakistani companies approved for exporting meat to Egypt

PM's advisor urges exporters to capitalise on opportunity

ISLAMABAD: Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Industry Abdul Razak Dawood on Friday welcomed the approval of 10 Pakistani slaughterhouses from Pakistan by the Egypt’s Veterinary Quarantine Department for importing meat to their country.

“Congratulations to ten slaughterhouses from Pakistan which have been approved by the Egypt’s Veterinary Quarantine Department for export of meat to Egypt,” the advisor said on his official Twitter account, adding that “this has been done as a result of audit conducted by the Egyptian Veterinary authorities”.

He further added that this is a part of the country’s policy of geographical and product diversification.

“Our exporters are urged to go full speed ahead to capitalise on this opportunity as this sector has immense potential,” he said.

The companies approved for exporting meat to Egypt include P.K Livestock & Meat Company (private) Limited, TATA Best Food Limited, Fauji Meat Limited, Al Shaheer Corporation Ltd, The Organic Meat Company Private Limited, Tazij Meat and Food, Abedin International Abattoirs (private) Limited, and Zenith Associates.

Earlier in October, Jordan had approved three Pakistani meat processing companies including include Tata Best Food Limited, Organic Meat Limited Company, and Tazij Meat and Food for the same purpose.

“Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is glad to inform that Jordan has notified three of Pakistan’s slaughterhouses for export for bovine, sheep, goat and camel meat to Jordan,” Dawood had stated on Twitter.




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