Advertisers spend even more on TV, as digital media lags behind

TV advertising revenue grew 30.8pc YoY compared to 23pc growth for digital media

ISLAMABAD: Advertisers in Pakistan spent Rs34 billion on TV advertisements compared to Rs16.8 billion on digital media in FY 2020-21, according to a fact file published on Wednesday by Aurora.  

According to the report, Pakistan’s media industry’s total ad spend increased 29 per cent from Rs58.6 billion in FY 2019-2020 to Rs75.64 billion in 2020-21. 

TV maintained its position as the most preferable platform for advertisers receiving Rs34 billion in advertising revenue, an increase of Rs8 billion from previous year, followed by digital and print media which received Rs16.8 billion and Rs12.44 billion in advertising revenue respectively.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, growth in advertising revenue for TV which grew 30.8 per cent Year on Year (YoY) outperformed growth in advertising revenue for digital media which grew by 23 per cent YoY. 

Amongst TV channels, GEO Group and ARY Group both had their news and entertainment channels ranked among the top five. The other channel in the top five was HUM TV.  

On the digital front, Facebook remained the go to platform for advertisers as it maintained its top position followed by Google and Youtube. 

Similarly, Jang Group received the biggest share of print media advertising revenue amounting to Rs3.32 billion, followed by Dawn and Daily Express which grossed Rs1.36 billion and Rs1.2 billion respectively.

On the advertisers side, the Government of Pakistan along with the provincial governments were the biggest advertisers in FY 2020-21. In the private sector, FMCG producers led the way with Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, P&G, Nestle & Glaxosmithkline making it to the top five private sector advertisers. 


Ahtasam Ahmad
Ahtasam Ahmad
The author works as an Editorial Consultant at Profit and can be reached at [email protected]

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