raises $23 million dollars for app that determines whether an individual Shiza

New Karachi-based startup has raised an impressive $23 million dollars for an app that determines whether any individual goes by the name Shiza.

“It’s a simple, basic problem and we’re a simple, basic app,” said founder Zia Haider. “Of late, there has been much media coverage about how sometimes people can get it wrong.”

“Our app helps to change that,” he said.

“And we do it in a really simple manner,” he said, referring to his app’s award-winning simple User Interface, which is just a screen that has the text, “Are you Shiza?” written on it and “Yes” and “No” buttons underneath. Users simple give their cellphones to individuals whose Shizahood they want to ascertain, who then fill out the immensely simple form.

“Single screen app, just like,” said a beaming CTO Hajira Khan.

“Yes, some people are asking why there was a need for a tech disrupt here and why people couldn’t just ask whether someone was Shiza but, as some recently unearthed footage shows, some people are not able to do that.”

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