SBP injects Rs329.7 billion into banking system through OMOs

Rs239.7 billion was injected via reverse repo and Rs90 billion via Shariah-compliant Mudarabah OMO 

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) injected a total of Rs329.7 billion into the banking system through two Open Market Operations (OMOs) on Tuesday. 

According to the SBP, these operations included both a conventional Reverse Repo Purchase and a Shariah-compliant Mudarabah-based OMO.

In the conventional OMO, the central bank focused on a 3-day tenor with a rate range of 20.62% to 20.55%. It received 13 quotes and accepted all of them, amounting to Rs239.7 billion at an accepted rate of return of 20.55% per annum. 

This liquidity injection aims to ensure smooth financial operations within the banking sector.

The Shariah-compliant Mudarabah-based OMO also targeted a 3-day tenor with a rate of 20.59%. 

The SBP received and accepted one quote for Rs 90 billion at the same cut-off rate of 20.59%. 

This operation adheres to Islamic financial principles, supporting liquidity management in the financial system.


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