Digital Links pleads guilty to tax evasion: FBR

A surveillance equipment supplier Digital Links has admitted to being involved in tax evasion and has decided to pay Rs96.2m of outstanding taxes according to the Directorate General Intelligence & Investigation-Inland Revenue. They had initiated an inquiry against Digital Links a year ago, and the

According to information available, Digital Links since 2013 was required to be registered with the tax authorities for sales tax purposes since its revenue was more than Rs5m. And the company didn’t register themselves, but kept supplying and selling goods to other parties without paying the required taxes.

As the investigation continued, one of the company’s partners turned up and decided to pay the outstanding tax liability to avoid criminal prosecution and proceedings. And the partner voluntarily paid an amount of Rs7.6m and gave post-dated cheques for the amount outstanding. The FBR officials stated that Digital-Links owed a total tax recoverable amount of Rs 96.2m, default surcharges of Rs19.6m aside a penalty of Rs 38.3m. Now the Federal Board of Revenue is planning to expand their probe into its purchasers and suppliers too in hopes of recovering tax from them.

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