Top customs officials at loggerheads over issue of transfers, postings

ISLAMABAD: The top customs officials are at loggerheads with each other over the issue of transfers and postings of about fifteen executive staff members and other officials belonging to Federal Bureau of Revenue’s (FBR), directorate of intelligence and investigation, Multan.

According to sources, relations between Customs Intelligence DG Shaukat Ali and Multan Customs Director Dr Muhammad Adnan Akram have further aggravated after Adnan Akram transferred some officials but the DG suspended these orders.

The customs director issued the transfer orders of some fifteen officers belonging to Faisalabad, DG Khan, Sargodha, Multan and Saria Muhajir. However, soon the transfer posting orders came into Shaukat Ali’s notice, he suspended the order given by Director Dr Muhammad Adnan Akram.

The notification issued in this regard to intelligence and investigation department of Multan customs directed the department not to issue any transfer/posting orders without the prior written approval of the director general.

According to sources, Shaukat Ali and Adnan Akram have a disliking for each other due to some reason, and soon after the Shaukat Ali read the notification of transfers, he went to FBR headquarters to ask for the transfer of Dr Muhammad Adnan Akram from Multan to somewhere else.

It is pertinent to mention here that a Customs Intelligence employee Amir Shabbir had filed a complaint against Shaukat Ali and Mushtaq Sarghana with National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The complaint had mentioned that the officials that were transferred and posted as mentioned above were the blue eyed boys of the DG and reportedly collected the ill-gotten money on his instructions.

Pakistan Today tried to contact the customs intelligence director general a number of times but no response was received.

However, an FBR spokesperson said that the issue pertained to field formation so he could not comment on the matter.



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