1. A ban on items will open the door for smuggling, as is in the case of alcoholic items.
    Administration in Pakistan is so corrupt that it can not impose government policies.
    Soft measures useless. Start harsh actions from the top. Remove encroachments of Bilawal House & Raiwind, not Shadi Halls.

  2. My humble suggestion is to import oil from Iran, as it would be a lot cheaper than what we are currently importing. Please also reduce forces budget.

  3. it is a pity that ordinary consumer goods are being imported due to poor manufacturing industry of Pk. it is true that fruits, edible oil, cheese, shoes, clothes, computers, phones, cars etc are being imported. it is a good suggestion to stop or curtail imported items by at least US 5 billion. similarly oil sources to be explored from Baluchistan and Karachi sea seriously to find this black gold to reduce reliance on imported oil. Iran oil is an option but have to see it is compatible with technology of Pakistanis Car? for exports have to push all trade bodies and to ask them for suggestions and measures to boost exports. local manufacturers and farmers has to be also taken on -board for productivity improvement and to produce all those things which are being imported. it is embarrassing that we import grapes, apples, banana, cheese while are poor nation and should manage to grow / process in country which will reduce BOP and provide local jobs and sustainability to local industry. edible oil palm trees should be grown and refined in Pk to save US$ 2 billion imports bill in a long term policy.


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