‘Govt striving hard to make garment industry competitive’

LAHORE: Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood has said the government is taking all necessary measures to make the value-added textile industry competitive and vibrant in the international market.

He was talking to a delegation of the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) which met him at his office under the leadership of its Central Chairman Mubashar Naseer Butt.

The PM’s adviser assured the delegation that a level playing field would be provided to the zero-rated export industry, adding that due to the right policies of the government, the economy of the country would improve in the months to come as “exports are now improving”.

Dawood said that the government is faced with multiple challenges, but it would make organized efforts to face them successfully in order to lift the living standards of the people.

On the occasion, the PRGMEA leadership made a detailed presentation to the PM’s advisor and suggested him the way forward to take the industry out of the crisis as well as to increase the country’s exports.

PRGMEA Chairman Mubashar Naseer Butt observed that value-added garments sector has shown 11.22pc growth in 2017-18 despite the internal and external challenges. The sector is a major taxpayer and the largest employment generator in the entire textile chain, exporting up to $5.5 billion textile products, he added.

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  1. It is good but looking towards meat export from Pakistan. there is a large market required Pakistni Halal meat. but there is in pakistan the cost of life animal is going to increases bed farming. in this connection i would like to says that please do some thing for this as early as possible before that the all slaughter house will closed.
    i am appreciate to Mr PM the he take initiative regarding export. and i am going to put my suggestion which is i think you all are aware about UAE policies that there is no one could open the small shop without LLC License. so give 3 month time to all shopkeeper to make them license with submission to license Fees (small shop fee 10000/= per year garment shop fees 15000/= per year meat shop fees 15000/= per year food stuff fees 15000/= per year and shopping mall shop fees 25000/= per year in 3 month you will see how much money will collect in Pakistan. there is a lot of shops in pakistan calculate and then do it.
    implementation is the key of successes .

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