‘FBR’s capacity will be enhanced to meet revenue targets’

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Shabbar Zaidi said on Tuesday that the board’s capacity would be enhanced to meet tax targets, a private media outlet reported.

Talking to journalists, Shabbar Zaidi said that FBR could not achieve the tax targets by following the conventional process.

He said, “First of all we have to identify the sectors that are still out of the tax net and then take measures to bring them under the tax base.”

In the agriculture sector, the government imposed taxes on the middleman, Zaidi said, adding that FBR is making efforts to increase number of new tax filers so as to expand tax net.

Earlier on May 24, Shabbar Zaidi had said that the new tax amnesty scheme would reduce people’s problems.

“Your money would be safer in Pakistan,” he had said while addressing a ceremony in Lahore.


  1. I think filer and non filer system should be completely dispensed with. Not allowing a citizen to buy a car or property is an infringement of the basic rights of a citizen. This should be challenged in a court of law.
    Secondly how would you exempt young peopleand old people. They need the protection of the state.
    Thirdly the most corrupt dept in Pakistan is FBR. If this can be corrected tax will automatically flow into the treasury instead of the fbr employees pockets.

  2. My request and suggestion to Shabbar Zaidi is that Commissioners should not be authorised to issue assessment whilst the case is in appeal.
    Whats the point of going for appeal if tax gets recovered by force.

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