SBP governor hails economic progress


State Bank of Pakistan Governor Dr Reza Baqir on Tuesday hailed the recent economic achievements of Pakistan, reaffirmed by American credit rating agency, Moody’s.

Dr Baqir lauded the efforts of Pakistan’s economic team, which helped improve the country’s ranking from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’.

The governor stated that the recent improvements were attributable to the difficult decisions taken by the incumbent government, adding that the fruits of hard work and dedication were now showing results.

The SBP governor emphasised that this achievement should now be translated into “relief for the common man” of Pakistan.

“The middle class of the country has borne the brunt of economic decisions made by the government and now they must be rewarded for their steadfastness,” he said. “The impoverished segments of the society should also be facilitated, and a concerted effort is required in this regard.”



  1. Very appreciable to all team team not limited to incumbent Government but also SBP Governor. But the one question is arose after hailing of economic achievement of Pakistan.

    When to be relief given people of Pakistan , specially ,who belongs to salary classes as well as daily wages and other, whereas every ones of your team acknowledge that fruit of hard working is now being received and mob of general public have been brunt of hard economic decision and every ones also showed steadfastness thereon.

    i request to authority , kindly give the relief to general public in term of following.

    1. Good and stand education to every ones irrespective of any class.
    2. Better Health services and building of class one hospital for every ones.
    3. Opportunities of Jobs.
    4. better to best transport facility.
    5. Law and Justices on equity base system.
    6. Better Court system.


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