SECP directs insurers to extend coverage of motor insurance policies


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has directed non-life insurance companies to grant one month free of cost extension in insurance coverage to all motor insurance policyholders, said a press release issued here the other day. 

The ongoing lockdown situation across the country has resulted in a significant decline in traffic density. With intercity public transport almost at a significant halt and limited within the city commute, it can be inferred that the policyholder claims in relation to motor insurance policies, would also have significantly declined.

Taking into account the decline and the anticipated low claim ratio in motor business due to lockdown, insurance companies have been encouraged to take steps to facilitate and pass on the benefit of low claim ratio to motor insurance policyholders. As the fight against COVID-19 pandemic continues, it becomes imperative that the insurance industry show its commitment to serve its policyholders by providing maximum relief and facilitation in all operational aspects. The SECP believes that such good gestures in these difficult times would further increase policyholder’s confidence in the insurance sector.


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