‘Askari Airline not to take off anytime soon’

Official says the airline won't be able to commence operations this year as it currently lacks the required infrastructure


ISLAMABAD: Askari Airline has no plan of going into operations anytime soon, not at least in 2020, an official of Askari Aviation Services (AAS) informed Profit on Thursday.

An Urdu newspaper headline from 2018 has been circulating on social media, stating that Askari Airline, a project of Army Welfare Trust, will soon commence operations for Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The news has garnered social media hype due to the recent complications being faced by the national airline of Pakistan, including cases pertaining to fake licences and Karachi plane crash.

However, this scribe has learned that Askari Airline management had decided, even before Covid-19 and suspension of global flights, that they would not be launching their operations any time soon. Askari Air Pakistan has already received the licence for airline operations but the rest of the infrastructure is not yet nearly complete enough for flights to go into operation at the moment.

Askari Airline is one of the five airlines that were issued licences in 2019 after the government had introduced a new aviation policy, encouraging new airlines in the country. AirSial, Go Green, and Liberty Air are some of the other airlines in the works at the moment.

AirSial was to commence operations formally from June 2020 as was reported back in February. But with economic conditions and travelling bans imposed as a result of Covid-19 crisis, the airline has been forced to postpone its official launch.


  1. Looks ur source be highly unreliable. Nothing in news close to facts. I always thought Profit publish true facts and they got good insight of industry they write about.

  2. Army is operating the country, what if they operate an airline. The only army in the world having a long list of their business.

  3. The most easiest job for the people like us is criticism, everywhere, where the government, central or provencial fails to handle or help the poor citizen of this country, you called Pakistan Army, because they have the resources, sincere workmanship and no doubt experience with expertise to handle any disaster, people of Pakistan always welcome them with respect,


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