Govt reiterates commitment to ensuring wheat supply at fixed prices

Food ministry says provincial govts and departments working in cooperation with each other to ensure supply of wheat in the country

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Food Security and Research on Tuesday reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ensure supply of quality wheat at a fixed price to meet the domestic wheat demand. 

According to a press release issued by the ministry, Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a recent meeting of the cabinet was briefed about the availability of wheat and flour prices in the market. The cabinet decided to ensure uninterrupted supply of wheat across the country.

It was also decided that the government would ensure availability of flour on officially fixed rates and would curb price hikes and hoarding of the commodity in the country.

The press release further added that wheat importers are allowed to import grains in order to bridge the gap between supply and demand, which will discourage hoarding and excessive profiteering in the domestic market.

The ministry also urged the public to pinpoint any instances of hoarding and smuggling of agricultural commodities in order to discourage such practices. 

The press release further stated that currently around 26.059 million tonnes of wheat are available in the country to meet the domestic demand.

Punjab has already started releasing wheat while Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) had lifted about 55,218 tonnes of wheat from Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation’s (PASSCO) stocks as of July 19, 2020.

Provincial departments have also been directed to ensure the provision of wheat and flour throughout the country.

According to the press release, provincial governments and allied departments are working in cooperation with each other and the food ministry to ensure smooth supply of the commodity in the country.

The food ministry is also facilitating private sector importers for ensuring adequate and timely imports of wheat in order to meet demand of wheat in the country, the statement added.

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